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PostPosted: Thu May 12, '11, 11:07 am
Phantasy Star Three Word Story

Chapter 4

Chaz exploded.

In a time warp there were two Espers who were playing tag with a group of monsters.

There is no way this could not be unrelated to the game of chess that Lassic played with Dark Force.

But This could be the beginning of the time Hahn really liked Saya in her red and somewhat stylish outfit she designed while working under stress because her class at school were bugging her.

"You have shown great potential despite having an ugly beginning but change will be spontaneous and rarely, combustious. Sayonara."

Very bad lessons can be considered useful if you drop a penny on the Alis statue's well because it brings a large crowd and luck to whoever throws it.

An Imagiomage was nearby about to have his tea when a Prophallus stole his cutlery to carve up a Hakenleft so they could rejoice and have a celebration with food.

Meanwhile Odin was thinking about a new Laconian axe that killed him. Then reawakened him at a strange time at night.

Mieu saw a Sega Mega Drive loaded with a seperate power control that flashed with colored signals rotating but didn't work so Chaz fixed it, but Kain wanted to get metal boxes.

Indeed, the plastic boxes were cheaper but prone to sprouting up dirty rappies that would eat meseta with sharp teeth that cut through metal and coinpurses.

The rappies joined together planning to form the .....

- To Be Continued -

- End Of Chapter 4 -

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