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PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, '10, 5:10 am
Phantasy Star Three Word Story

Chapter 3

On the island there lived a sultan who had enormous amounts of toilet paper, mainly because of his appetite for it.

The sultan's daughter hired a mage to track down a three foot tall ant with 4 wooden legs because she was paranoid and had a huge mole on the side of her nose. She was talented in the area of magic and advanced theoretical physics which she studied under the light of full moon.

One evening,when a package arrived the princess cried because Chuck Norris gave a roundhouse kiss to her without any warning.

Meanwhile, the Mage summoned Rune for advice on hair and advised him about how he should do his bangs so that they fall right across his face. But he wanted to dye it with blue so it would bring the blueman group and blend in with the more populated areas of Smurfs.

He then ate a stupendous chunk of meat that was cooked in tabasco sauce and a little seasoning from a grinded Locusta claw. The taste reminded the depressed robot of its former days as a chef preparing meals which he hated because the disembodied voice kept calling from his enchanted giant marshmallow, which had the voice of Santa Claus.

Naturally everyone was angry for being forced to watch Raja's one-man show filled with lots of bad jokes and punch lines.

As the show continued, it became more and more apparent that there was something special about the interdimensional worms which Raja had served to the audience. Their reaction was quite surprisingly positive, as They're worms afterall.

After the show came the afterparty where everyone danced to the sound of a recorder. Alys and Chaz had gotten seperated which was shameful as Alys had a deep bond with Shorty, and this had never seen them apart .

While Shorty was in the bathroom Alys's hair color was changing to pink. Reason being she had ingested a strange looking tartlet that looked like a really tough rock. She began to choke and splutter while the purple stuffed Rappy was gathering one hundred doughnuts then it summoned them to appear inside a spawn where they met Noah's old master who was watching paint dry.

Hahn shouted be careful at the box but the Tarzimal had already dropped into deep space. While Wren was looking around for the button that would launch the atomic laser rifle which would fire atomic laser fire which was directed at Algo's enemies such as Lassic.

A pretty cool neon rubber chicken was hidden in an HTML hole and was squeaking "give me crackers!" The chicken then decided it would conquer the world by using a automatic dungeon generator programmed in ACS which would then self-destruct, causing Wren to bluescreen but it malfunctioned and exploded, causing a tragic funeral with crying and free goodie bags.

After the funeral Alys called to Pizza Hut and ordered a gigantic pizza covered with pepperoni, marshmallows, and googly eyes.

This order caused some hysterical fits of screaming when creepy legs sprouted out from under the gigantic pizza that began flying upwards.

The man under the table was very angry because Nei had stolen his lucky hat he drew swords from. He decided to call Rolf but then a knock on the woman appeared who looked like Anna.

Could it be that she had lost her slashers and needed to pick up sticks?

Then she heard strange voices coming through the vents and concluded it was an inter-dimensional portal to go into the heart of Lavos who lived at the deepest caverns in the darkest pit of an alternate universe where no plants existed.

Anna took her slasher and threw it against a robot built from lego which smashed into a mashed potato and landed softly on Captain America's shield. It was an unpleasant sight. However, they decided that it was time to do a sketch of Captain America's muscles which was strangely resembling He-Man's, so the sketch was burned with a(n)Nafoi tech, then for no reason turned it on himself which was very painful! In fact, it nearly made his skin turn into grass.

His yells alerted a bunch of vagabonds who were looking for a Pulse Vulcan to blow up the amazing brickwall that blocked their way. The brickwall was surprisingly red even though it appeared to have been painted blue instead. but in truth it was composed of violet bricks. The bricks crumbled before Rolf's mighty Megid tech that also blew up Palma.

That dastard! "Pao Pao!" said "Dance with me!". They danced to forget their worries about cardboard boxes. and secrets about the battle happening between Motavia and outback toaster that had epic proportions of toast.

Leaving, a gold encrusted Locusta was seen sunbathing with a bottle of milk on a towel and some cookies from the Aiedo prison guards lunchbox. The locusta then jumped in water but noticed it was foaming green and boiling acid.

Arising from the water was a horrible-looking Muskcat named Tim. Suddenly Tim came out of the water to sit on a Tech User's lap while they plotted how Rika painted her horns with purple ink. The Tech user was looking good thanks to using a new kind of purple stuffed extra caffeine added and onion scented perfume.

Raja quipped, "By golly! What are you all doing with that diamond encrusted super sized hamburger on a disjointed flying bird named Harry.

Raja then proceeded to remove his clothing causing people to exclaim things they thought not to be heard in front of young ears listening in. He laughed a lot when
a barrel of monkeys came tumbling down Altiplano plateau and rolled into Alys' house.

- To Be Continued -

- End Of Chapter 3 -

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