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PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, '10, 3:29 pm
Phantasy Star Three Word Story

Chapter 2

Chapter two begins as the sun shines down upon the city of Aeido, Gryz goes into the cafe and orders a Flaming Double Nafoi which upset his stomach, resulting in many War Cries.

Chaz pulls out his ceramic sword and says: "Give me the nafois." An epic battle of epic proportions started between Chaz and Hahn over who can kiss a fat rappy to recieve millions of meseta from Grandfather Dorin. However it ended when Gryz stole the fat rappy and made rappy burgers to eat with some Rappy wing covered in barbecue sauce. The sauce was made from concentrated blasts of PhotonEraser energy and baby poodles. Horrified, Chaz and Hahn puke out their lunch from earlier that day.

Raja made a joke about why there was no toilet on the Landale. Nobody laughed at the joke.

Unsurprisingly, Hahn got married to Saya on meseta Alys stole from a streetside where Atlin live.

After the wedding Chaz was hungover because he drank too much alcoholic sandworm dew.

Then Alys rose from bed to make really awesome pancakes! She was quite good, making several batches in short time. When she finished the pancakes she danced
like Gryz when he is stomping a big, horrible looking gopher with huge smelly motavian feet.

Raja joked about the poor gopher while sitting in a wagon filled with new mans. The new mans enjoyed their lunch which was followed by chocolate numans crying wolf in two dozen languages.

A wild motavian bellowed out his christmas wish list while standing on a box of very dangerous explosives made of delicious 1000 Meseta Cake. Shocked by this he picked up his trusty shotgun attached to which was a flashlight and a very unnecessary laser sight.

As the zany Motavian fired his shotgun And killed Alys he could only think about the countless battles that would occur when the Power Rangers took on the battle into their really small bathroom inside the castle near a window.

Complete insanity became a most enticing experience at Fringes because, face it we're all insane. Sometimes we're even a little la-dee-da. Our sanity is tied to the the Sanity Tree which is located located somewhere between Parma and Motavia on a little island called Lover's chocolate pudding.

Meanwhile everyone's sanity was lost forever when a rather hirsute on the island made out of solid laconia and polished cookie dough .

- End of Chapter 2 -

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