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Chapter 10 - Dinner Plans

"So this is your disciple?" Saya said while looking at Sinah in an odd way. "Is there something on my face?" Saya smirked, "No. But straight up answers like that might get you in trouble one day." Sinah smiled back, "Thank you Saya. You've already taught me more than Hahn. Maybe I should be your disciple instead." Saya laughed, "I like this kid. Reminds me of you when you were young Hahn."

Vince spoke up, "You used to be like Sinah? Ha! I feel sorry for your parents." Hahn kinda looked at Vince and said in a low voice, "You're the only one." Vince laughed. "So, when do we eat?" Sinah broke in.


Dinner time arrived, and everyone was sitting around. Sinah and Vince were off to the side, talking about what kind of adventures they would have when they were older while Nikki would walk by and say to them "You guys are such boys." Which, Sinah or Vince would reply with, "We are aren't we?"

Gryz, Hahn, Saya, and Rika sat at the table talking amongst each other. The only one who wasn't really enjoying themselves was Ben. He looked a little uneasy. Finally, he made his way over to the table with Gryz and co. and ask, "Anyone know where Chaz is? He's been gone awhile." "Oh, he's probably still at the grave," Hahn said. "The grave?" "Yes. You see, when his mentor died, she was buried here in Krup. Because of his duties of being a hunter, he can't visit her grave as much as he wants to." Ben nodded, "I see." With that he made his way over to Sinah and co.

"Hey guys, mind if I ask you something?" Ben said. "Vince looked at Ben and smiled, "You didn't really give a choice now did you?" Sinah laughed almost immediately. Ben ignored the humor and continued, "Well if you're going to be like that I'll just go ahead. Anyway want to accompany me while I go check up on Chaz? He's been gone awhile and I want to know what's up."

"Come to think of it, he has been gone awhile.," Vince said. Sinah gave a nod and Nikki just watched the boys talk. "Well, how about it?" Sinah and Vince looked at each other. Sinah just raised his eyebrow slightly and Vince nodded. "Yes, we're in."

"I don't think Sinah should go," Nikki spoke up. "Why not? He's proven quite a bit already that he's more than able to handle himself," Ben replied. "Well, just look at all his injuries. How's he going to get hurt this time? Is his hand going to get cut off or something?" Sinah looked at Nikki and said, "Better my hand than my pride." With that he walked away, off to fetch his equipment. "Don't worry about him Nikki, he can be like that sometimes. Try not to let it get to you," Vince said as he followed Sinah.

Finally Ben asked Nikki again, "Well, you coming?"

"Of course I'm coming Ben, somebodies got to make sure Sinah doesn't do anything stupid." Ben smiled at Nikki, "Good answer." Nikki replied with a smile as the two both went to grab there equipment.

With everyone suited up to go, Everyone looked at each other and nodded. Sinah grinned and said, "Shall we?" Suddenly, a female's voice came from behind Sinah, "Shall we what?" Sinah jumped and turned around to be greeted by Saya. "uh, well, umm," Sinah said as he jumbled around words thinking of what to say."

Finally, Vince came to the rescue, "We were just going to go test our abilities against each other to better understand each others movements and attacks." Ben jumped in next, "Uhh, yes. Because when we were in the academy, we were taught that it is best to to understand each other through battles and uhh-" It was Nikki's turn this time, "And umm, with that in mind, it will be of much better aid." Saya eyed the four suspiciously, "And why didn't you bother telling us about it." Sinah shrugged and said quickly, "You guys looked busy and uhh, we didn't want to disturb you?"

Saya rolled her eyes and said, "You three go ahead, Sinah needs to rest up." "But... I... it... me... them..." Saya tugged Sinah's collar on his shirt, "Come on young man. We have to change your bandages." With that she dragged him away as he mouthed the words to his comrades, "I'm sorry."

"I say someone should stay behind to try and 'rescue' Sinah," Nikki told the two boys. Vince looked at Ben and grined, who just nodded in reply. With that, Vince casually put his right arm around Nikki and said to her, "You know, I'm glad you suggested that. In fact, why don't you do it? Me and Ben will go on ahead and meet you at the grave."

"But why do I have to stay exactly? I mean, you're his best friend after all." Nikki stated. Ben looked at Vince who had an even bigger grin on his face, "Yeah, but I'm not his future wife!"


Vince got a fist to his head, "Oww! That was uncalled for!" Vince told Nikki. "Then stop saying such irritating things." "Fine, fine. Come on Ben. Let's leave her to her business." Without anymore arguments, The two boys were on their way.
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