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Chapter 9 - The Town of Krup

Sinah smiled with relief. They could have at least woken me up, he thought to himself as he sheathed his weapon. He stepped outside, smiling to himself. This is where he would train in the meantime.

He left the landrover deciding it would be wise to find his allies. Just as he got at the gate of the town he heard someone's voice. "Hey! We're over here!" Sinah turned around to be greeted by Vince, Ben, and Nikki. "I'm coming," Sinah said smiling. And with that, he went on towards his allies.

"So, why didn't anyone wake me when we arrived?" Sinah questioned. Vince put a smile on his face as he replied, "You just looked so cute sleeping that we'd thought we'd leave you be." Sinah laughed, "Sometimes I wonder why I even hang around you." "Because otherwise you'd have no friends and be a loner." Sinah smiled as he punched Vince in the face.

"So that's the way it's gonna be huh?" Vincent said as he came swinging back with a left. Nikki started to yell at them, "Stop it you two! Don't fight!" The two continued on. "Leave them be Nikki," Ben said, "They aren't going all out. Just think of it as playing." "Yeah. But Sinah has those injuries and-" "He'll be fine."

"It's really lively out here isn't it?" A feminine voice said. "Well, I guess that's how it is with new hunter's now-a-days isn't it?" Vince and Sinah stopped and looked at the keeper of the voice. "Come on Rika. I'm sure they're all not like that," Chaz said as he stood next to the Numan.

Vince cut in as he let go of Sinah's shirt, "Hey Chaz, who's the babe with the horns?" Rika walked up to Vince and slapped him, "I'll have you know that these aren't horns! They're ears!" Chaz laughed, "Rika! You sure are acting childish right now you know. Besides, that's not like you at all!" "Sorry Chaz. I just thought it looked fun and I wanted to try."

"Who would have thought you could hear those words coming from someone who was born into a world of fighting," Hahn said as he arrived from behind. "So, Mr.Advance, are you ready for some training?"

"Can a guy eat something first?" Sinah said patting his stomach. A small chuckle came from Hahn. "Alright. I understand how that it is. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to meet my wife Saya." Sinah gave a smile, "Alright! I've been waiting for a chance to meet her. After all, you sure talk about her a lot!" Gryz joined in the conversation, "That's because she's the only woman in all of Algo who date such a guy." "Hey!" Everybody laughed.

"Our house is just up ahead," Hahn said with a huge smile on his face. The group walked forward along the streets of Krup, finally coming up to a fairly large sized house. "You live in here?" Hahn nodded and added, "Yes. Back when me and Saya were engaged. No. Before me and Saya were engaged, she turned her home into a school for children."

"So than you are saying that, this isn't really your home but Saya's, and she felt sorry for you, got engaged to you, and let you move in," Sinah said with a smirk on his face. "That's exac- hey!" Hahn said giving Sinah a sharp look. "Why does everyone always pick on me?" "Because it's easy," Gryz added.

"Well shall we?" Hahn said opening the door." The group started to go inside, the only one's who remained were Hahn and Chaz, "You coming?" "I'll catch up afterward. I have something else I want to do first." "I understand Chaz. Don't stay too long okay?" Chaz nodded and was off.
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