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PostPosted: Mon Jan 5, '09, 8:11 am
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Chapter 5 - Ben

Ben sat at the X shaped tree waiting for his opponent to arrive. Sinah was late. He sighed as he kept comparing himself to Sinah. Sinah had speed, he had strength. Sinah had wits, he had experience. But who was to say Sinah didn't have experience either?

Ben had been at the tree since ten thirty, just to practice against Sinah's speed and agility. He was thinking too much on it. In the distance, Ben saw a figure approaching sluggishly. As he got closer, Ben realized it was Sinah. Ben called out, "What took you? I've been waiting for you for over twenty minutes now!" Sinah called out, "Ben? That you?" Ben gave a small chuckle to himself as he replied, "Nooo, it's the Easter Rappy." Ben heard Sinah call out in a small voice, "Smartass." Ben grinned.

Taking a closer look at the man before him, Ben noticed that Sinah wasn't wearing a shirt, it was bandages. He was shocked by that fact, "Hey Sinah! Last time I seen you, you looked like a million meseta. Now you look like you just came back from a war. What happened?" Sinah looked at Ben, "I'd tell you Ben, but you would probably not believe me." "Try me," Ben said as he rested on his axe.

Sinah told him everything that happened to him after the ceremony. Ben could not believe that Target, one of Motavia's most dangerous criminals, and three of the locals did such a thing. He did hear talk in the guild earlier that day about a murder behind the guild. Apparently the man was burnt alive. Everything fit. Sinah was in danger.

"Sinah," Ben said as he gripped his axe, "you are in danger. Target has probably marked you as, well, his next target. You are in grave danger." Sinah shrugged his carefree shrug again.

"Don't you see what I'm saying Sinah?!" Ben shouted as he gripped his axe, "We shouldn't be doing this. For all I know, Target is following you, waiting until you are completely isolated! The last guy who survived Target was killed three days after he fought Target!" Catching his breathe, Ben looked at Sinah, "Tell you what, I'm going to help you." Sinah looked at Ben, "I'll be fine without your help."

Ben gritted his teeth as walked towards Sinah. He pulled out a small vial which he handed to Sinah, "Here! Drink this. It might be a little harsh, but it should heal most of your wounds." Pulling the stopper off, Sinah brought the vial up to his nose, "Is this a... Trimate?" Ben nodded. "But I thought they pulled this from stores because too many people were over-dosing on it." Ben nodded once more as he added, "I have my ways to obtaining items. Let's just say my aunt is a doctor and lent me a bottle for a small price." Sinah rolled his eyes as he downed the Trimate.

Sinah began coughing as he said, "Agh! My throat is burning!" "I told you," Ben said as looked around casually. For the most part, everything seemed to be calm. "It probably isn't a good idea to be standing out in the open away from civilization. The smart thing to do would be to get back to Aiedo." "Fine, it's your call. But don't expect me to reward you or anything," Sinah called.

Ben nodded as he and Sinah began hading back to Aiedo. Shouldn't be too long before the Trimate takes into effect, Ben thought to himself as he scanned the area ahead. "I haven't seen anything yet, what about you Sinah?" Sinah just shrugged as he began rubbing his neck, "Is it just me, or is it really hot out here?" Looking over, Ben smiled, "The Trimate is beginning to work it's magic! I do think we should make it back to the city though before the side-effects take place."

Sinah looked towards the now grinning Ben, "W-what side effects?" Ben just laughed as he began to jog towards Aiedo. "WHAT SIDE-EFFECTS?" Yelled Sinah as he ran after Ben.
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