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Chapter 4 - Target

When Sinah arrived at the guild he made his way to the back, which was located just east of the front door. As he walked along he heard some struggling and a voice saying "Stop it!" Sinah grabbed his Hunter's Knife.

Sinah crouched behind the wall and looked around the corner. It was kind of hard to see because of the twirling wind. Sinah realized that it was a Zan technique. It was twirling around and more or less seemed to annoy someone by the other peoples foolish act. Sinah sighed with relief.

Standing straight again, he sheathed his knife and walked around the corner casually. He put on a mock smile and said, "Nice weather isn't it? A bit windy but I suppose it could be worse." There were three guys and one girl. Sinah looked at the faces. Two of them were just some local punks who usually try to shoplift items from stores. The one wore a leather jacket, with jeans. His jet black hair seemed to shine it the grease it had in it. When Sinah realized who it was, a fourth guy came from behind and bound his arms.

The man with the greasy hair was nick-named Target because he is one of the most deadly with his techniques. It was once rumored that he hit a pen with a foi technique from 150 ft away. Sinah looked around and suddenly realized that he was in alot of trouble.

"Well, lookie who we have here boss. A spy," the punk who was holding Sinah said. "Right on Cookie, that-a boy. You sure showed 'im," the smallest one said as he grinned. What do yah think we do wit' 'im boss?" Target looked at Sinah, directly into his eyes and said, "Get rid of him." Sinah began to sweat, this was supposed to be his day. He was not going to let it end like this. Stomping on the foot of Cookie, his arms became more loose and then he freed one. With his restrained arm he used that as leverage to flip Cookie over his body onto the ground. With both his arms fully free, Sinah grabbed his knife.

Looking at his opponents still standing, Sinah looked towards the smallest one. He sure was a noisy one. The quiet one stood in what seemed his own world while Target seemed content on having his fun with Nikki. "Screw it," Sinah said to himself as he usually did as he began running towards the smallest one. "Wha-?" Was all the small one said as Sinah charged.

He should have thought things more thoroughly. He should have expected the weakest to be guarded by another member. The quiet one got in Sinah's path as he charged. Target seemed to judge them as the fight began. He didn't really care about what happened his minions, to him they were merely pawns. That's what made Sinah angry, that and the fact that he was harrassing Nikki.

Sinah swung his knife at the quiet one, there was a dodge. "Wait ta go Shadow, show 'im how 'ts done," The smallest one said. Shadow looked back at the smallest one and said, "Shut up shorty." Big mistake. Sinah hit Shadow right in the stomach with his elbow. By doing this Sinah had the advantage as Shadow doubled over. Because he didn't want to hurt the kid too much, he gave a swift elbow to Shadow in the back of the head, knocking him out.

That left two, Target, and the smallest one. Sinah was panting and running out of energy, if this kept up, he would surely be finished.

Sinah took a deep breath as positioned his feet. He knew that going after the goon would be a great choice to make, however that would probably leave him with barely any energy left to take out Target. Sinah charged towards the goon. Target smiled as Sinah changed his direction at the last moment heading straight for Target.

Target threw Nikki off to the side as he lifted his arm and faced his palm towards Sinah. "You really want to do this? Fine. WAT!" Target said as a blur blew towards Sinah, knocking him back several feet into the city wall which surrounded Aiedo. It was the most painful thing Sinah has ever endured in his life. His vision began to blur. In the background he heard a voice, "That-a boy boss. You sure showed 'im." "You annoy me. FOI!"

Through Sinah's blurry vision he saw a red and orange streak running around and the most sickest sound he ever heard in his life. Sinah realized it was a scream coming from the smallest goon. Sinah's vision began to get dark. He felt his neck give in and fall with the rest of his body into a limp state. Before he passed into darkness, he heard a voice calling his name.


Sinah awoke several hours later in a bed. It wasn't a hospital bed or even his own bed, but it was a bed nonetheless. He sat up half way but stopped as a pang in his chest protested. Finally, he gave in and fell into a fluffy pillow haven. It felt good on his neck. His body was quite comfortable in this foreign bed.

Looking around, Sinah saw many interesting things. There was a dresser with a mirror, a cabinet, end table, a collection of teddy bears in the corners, and a picture of someone on the wall. Too bad he couldn't see it properly due to the glare it had on the glass from the window.

Sinah sighed as he thought of the events that just happened. It all happened so fast. First there was the first thug named Cookie, he grabbed Sinah from behind, he was heavy and Sinah used up alot of energy from flipping Cookie over his body. The second thug Shadow was just protecting his friend as Sinah advanced towards him. Too bad Target set his friend on fire. Target, he was holding - "Nikki!" Sinah said aloud as he sat up as fast as he could.

A sharp pain came from three different parts in his chest. He immediatly grabbed his chest with his arms as he began breathing heavily. He seemed to let out a small moan. Something didn't feel right, Sinah gave a rubwith one of his hands on his chest. He wasn't wearing a shirt and there were bandages there. That means that someone came to his rescue. But who?

"You really should rest Sinah," a voice called from the doorway. Looking up, Sinah saw Nikki making her way towards the bed with a tray of food, "Now lay back." Sinah sighed with relief as he obeyed her command. "How long was I out for?" Sinah questioned as he stared at the roof. Nikki set the tray down on the end table, "You've been out since yesterday." Yesterday? Damn, that guy Target sure knows how to hit hard. His Wat technique felt much stronger than a basic level. From my judgment it must have at least been at a Gi or Na level.

Sinah sighed, he thought to the events of yesterday. He saved two people and got into three fights. One with Target, one with the hunter, and one arranged with Ben. "What time is it?" Sinah asked Nikki. Looking at her watch, Nikki replied, "It's about 11:40am. Why?" Sinah sat up again clutching his chest once more. As he panted with effort he swung his legs over to the side of the bed. "You really should rest," Nikki said as she put a hand on his chest trying to gently push him back on the bed.

"I have to go do something," Sinah said as he panted. "What's so important that you have to hurt yourself more in order to do?" Fight Ben. Sinah thought. "It's nothing for you to worry about," Sinah said instead. "You stay in bed Sinah. I'm sure it can wait. You need some rest."

"I'd hate to. But, if that's what the docter ordered, then I'll do it," Sinah said as he lay back down in the bed. It felt nice to lay down, but he had other things on his mind than his comfort. "I am only trying to help, Sinah," Nikki said as she made her way to the dresser. Turning his back towards Nikki, Sinah replied by saying, "Well, maybe you can help by letting me get some sleep." He heard Nikki hmph before leaving the room.

Now was the time to act. Sinah got up, fighting the pain within his chest as he made his way over to his belongings. Looking down at his shirt, Sinah decided it was best to leave it behind. He put his goggles over his neck and strapped his belt which held his knife around his waist and pocketed the rest of his belongings. Making his way towards the window, Sinah began thinking whether or not this was a good idea. He heard the door handle start to turn, he jumped out.

Landing on his side, an immense amount of pain seared throughout his body. He was gasping for air and finally calmed, just in time to ear his name being called out. Time to move, Sinah thought to himself as he forced himself up. He had to get to the tree.
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