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PostPosted: Thu Dec 4, '08, 7:57 am
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Chapter 3 - Rejection

Sinah gave Vincent a small nudge. "You know Vince. I was thinking, maybe I will take up your blind date offer. I got nothing better to do." Vincent smiled and slapped Sinah on the back, "That-a-boy! Go grab some punch and I'll bring her to you. I'll also bring my date for the evening and we can all sit around and get to know one another." Vincent left. Sinah watched as he disappeared into the crowd.

Sighing, Sinah went to the punch bowl, when he arrived there was barely any left. Pouring himself a glass he brought it up to his mouth to drink but stopped. Someone spiked the punch. He put the glass down. He sighed again and leaned against the table. When Vincent returned, he had Nikki and Madison with him. "Well, here you are Sinah, your blind date is Nikki!"

Sinah was kind of shocked. Vincent hooked him up with Nikki? Sinah smiled as he gave a soft smile to Nikki. She returned a look to him with minor disgust. "When you said you had a hot friend looking for a date," Nikki said as she grabbed Vincent by the shirt, "You meant Sinah?" Vincent remained cool and calm as he always did under pressure. He just simply closed his eyes and smiled as he simply said, "Yes." Nikki lowered her voice as she drew Vincent closer, Sinah couldn't hear what she was saying to him but a look on Vincent's face told Sinah that he wasn't worried. With that done, Nikki threw Vincent.

Finally Sinah cut in, "Let's not get violent here. I can obviously see that I'm not wanted here so therefore, I shall leave." Sinah gave his awkward bow as he began to walk away. "Wait," Nikki said. Sinah kept walking as he looked back and gave a small wave by lifting up his arm, "Later." With that, Sinah blended into the crowd.

Sinah felt kind of hurt, but he knew he must of hurt Nikki as well by the way he reacted. He was also kind of angry. I just need some air, to cool down a bit, he thought to himself.

Stepping outside, Sinah felt a breeze blow across his face. It was starting to get warm out. He saw a crate over in a corner, resting in the shadow of the guild. He walked over to it and sat down. Leaning back he looked at the sky, he guessed it to be around noon now. It occured to Sinah that the guild always held their ceremonies at the wierdest times. Today it was held at ten in the morning as opposed to last years where it was held at three in the afternoon. What did it matter though?

Sinah watched in the shadows as graduates and families and other people made their way out of the guild and into Aeido. There was no use staying around here looking like he needed a pity party. He stood up and felt his stomach. He realized he hadn't eaten anything since supper last night. He was too excited to have anything to eat this morning.

The food they had at the guild bar wasn't the greatest food, but it was cheap and he only paid half price since he was now a hunter. He thought about going to the restaurant just outside of town that used to be a bakery. They still sold the shortcake, though it was a specialty and most people went there for that.

He was thinking about the last time he was their. It occured to Sinah that he hadn't been their since they converted the bakery into a restaurant. He smiled to himself remembering the food they sold their. It was some of the best he had ever had. With nothing better to do. Sinah got up and started to make his way to an exit.


When Sinah arrived at the restaurant, it had been half past twelve. He grabbed a stool and looked at the menu. There had been a great selection to choose from. In the end he ended up grabbing a bowl of rice with teriyaki sauce. He sat there eating his food when he felt a slap on the back. "I didn't know you came here."

It was Vincent. "Well, I was hungry," Sinah said as he took a mouthful of rice. Vincent sat next to Sinah and ordered a bowl of Vegetable Soup. "You know, Nikki feels bad about what she did to you. She told me to tell you to meet her out back of the Hunter's Guild. She's probably there now."

"Fine," Sinah said finishing off the last of his rice, "but I hope she doesn't expect any flowers or chocolate." Vincent laughed, "So will you be heading there now?" Sinah looked at his friend with a slight smile on his face, "When I'm done paying my bill, that is, unless you want to pay it for me."

"Nice try Sinah, but the last time I bought your food you never paid me back," Vincent replied. Sinah laughed, "HAH! That's only because I bought you lunch three times before that." Vincent sighed, "Pay your bill." Sinah left some Meseta on the table. As he set out he sighed, as he realized he now had to walk all the way around the outskirts of Aiedo again. Well, at least he didn't mind walking.
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