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PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, '11, 7:13 pm 
Hm, how about C?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 1, '11, 5:52 am 
"C" does sound like fun.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 8, '14, 9:29 am 
Sorry for the over three year delay. I know it's been awhile. But I've decided to push forward and destroy my writers block.

Vince grinned as he pulled out his sword. "You sure that's a good idea Sinah?" Vincent swung his sword in a flashy manner.

Sinah pulled out his daggers, matching Vincent's grin with his own. He slowly circled his friend as he replied, "I should be asking you the same thing."

Sinah made the first move, going in low to dodge Vincent's swing. Dodging Sinah's attack, Vince pushed his friend to the side. "You call that an attack? Your little sister can move faster than that." The two circled again as it was Vince's turn to go on the attack. He thrust his sword forward with his right hand, using it as a feint and as he used his left fist to make contact with Sinah.

Sinah reeled from the attack. Standing up straight he smiled to his friend, "At least my little sister can hit harder than you." The two laughed as they continued their spar. It seemed like they were trading blow for blow, showing each other a month's worth of training in only a few minutes.
A - Continue the spar
B - Have someone interrupt the event
C - Continue the story with another character (Nikki or Ben)
D - Author's Mind

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, '14, 5:40 am 
Let's do A...maybe they'll come up with some cool moves

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, '15, 6:34 am 
Time for my yearly update! Seriously though I need to get back to this. I wish I had the time to do daily updates again.

Both Sinah and Vincent were running short on breath but continued their spar. Anyone watching would think they became mad. The two charged at one another, now swinging at each other with all their might. Steel met steel as they both lost their weapons from the impact. A bright light blinding both hunters.

Stunned momentarily, Sinah looked to his friend who had an equally shocked face. "What was that?"

"I don't know," Vince shook his head, "I'm not sure what that was."

Help me decide what it is. Limited selection this time because I are tired.
A - A power up for Sinah
B - A power up for Vince
C - A power up for Both
D - Author's Mind

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, '15, 8:26 am 
I like D - Author's Mind. And, good to see you getting back to this Atlin. We have missed it.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, '15, 8:02 pm 
As the two looked at each other they noticed their hands were glowing. They cautiously studied them without saying a word. Sinah was the first to try something. He lifted his hand and faced his palm towards the desert, expecting something to happen. But nothing.

Vince also tried the same thing but nothing happened. "I don't know Sinah. I feel a little uneasy about this. We should get someone to look at this. Maybe Chaz or Hahn know something."

"I think you're right," Sinah said as he picked up his knives. The light seemed to explode from his hand to one of the knives, turning the blade a pure white colour. Startled, Sinah dropped his knife. Watching as the blade sheathed itself into the earth causing a small explosion of sand. He looked down at his hand to find the glow gone.

Carefully, Vincent picked up his sword, watching as the weapon turn pure white as well. He cautiously studied the blade. He gave his sword a small swing towards the ground, allowing his weapon to hit the earth as well. It went smoothly, lodging itself into the ground before another explosion occurred. His glow was gone too.

A - Have the boys try to replicate the technique or skill
B - Go tell their mentors of what happened
C - Try to figure out what just happened by themselves
D - Author's mind

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, '17, 11:38 pm 
It's been awhile, but here goes:

I pick " D ".

Also it is a few days late but just wanted to congratulate Atlinsmere on the 9th anniversary of the Phantasy Star Story here as it originally began 9 years ago on November 11, 2008. It's been fun Atlin and I admire you for all the work you have put into this/these stories along the way. You have a wonderful talent. Thank you much for sharing it with all of us here at The Fringes Of Algo. :clap:

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, '17, 11:16 am 
I had never read this thread before and I''ve read some of the messages and writings by Atlinsmere and it's true that it's amazing ! Congratulations for all your hard work ! And 9 years ? impressive ! :o :clap:

PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, '17, 12:11 am 
9 years... 300 posts... Yay? Anyway... Here's an update, trying to remember what I had in mind two years ago. I should have kept going with this... neyways... Enjoy!

The boys looked to each other, both concerned and surprised. Whatever had happened to them was strange and powerful, not to mention dangerous. With one look to each other, Sinah and Vincent collected their equipment and went to go talk to their mentors.


As Sinah and Vincent showed up at the inn where Chaz was resting, Hahn overlooking his wounds. The scholar acknowledged the two rookies as they entered. Noticing the look upon their faces.

"What's wrong?" Hahn questioned. The boys looked to each other as they recounted the event from their training. Hahn thought for a moment then spoke up. "When a technique or skill from two separate beings clash together, it makes a stronger attack that we call a combination attack."

"The premise is pretty simple, attack A and attack B mix together to form a much stronger attack C. However, not all attacks can be used in conjunction with one another. It takes a great deal of trust with one another to work, as well a certain level of synchronicity between the beings using it. Even after succeeding, it is possible to fail in using a combo."

"The only thing that I'm unsure of, is how you two managed to do it. I'm sure the trust between you two is great, but from the sounds of it neither of you were using any techniques, or skills," Hahn stated while stroking his chin.

While he was pondering this, there was a cough coming from the bed. Hahn immediately turned around as he saw the hunter wake from his slumber. He rushed over and looked at the blond, smiling while he said, "welcome back, old friend."


A few weeks had passed since Chaz had recovered. His demeanor had changed and he was mostly keeping to himself, only interacting with the group when necessary. He continued to help Vincent with his training, though he knew his three month mentor ship would be ending soon.

There was still no intel on where Target had gone and Chaz knew that Sinah was still in danger. They stay away forever though, he knew that. Getting dressed, the hunter made his way outside where he saw Sinah trying on a crimson glove, Hahn was just in front of him. "Alright Sinah, give your fist of foi technique a try," Hahn commanded his pupil.

Sinah simply nodded and began concentrating energy into his fist. His fist once again began to glow that familiar orange colour before turning into red. With that, Sinah charged toward his target, yelling out "Fist of Foi" while connecting with his now gloved hand. His fist exploded as a red beam shot through the target, disintegrating it almost instantly. Sinah looked to his hand, seeing that only smoke remained, thankful there were no injuries.

"Sorry to interrupt your fun," Chaz said to his companions, "I think we should discuss our next move."

It's been awhile, let's see if you guys remember what to do!
A - Stay in Krup, get more training in
B - Return to Aiedo, they've been in Krup far too long
C - Go somewhere else (I'll let you guys choose)
D - Author's Mind

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