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PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, '10, 1:56 pm 
I'll go with C as well.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 7:59 am 
As Vincent left to go tie up the corpse, Sinah walked towards his fallen comrades. He began checking there pulses to see if they were okay. He heard a moan come from the corner, looking to see who it was, Hahn began standing up.

"What just happened?" He asked as he shook his head. Looking around, Hahn saw the mess and his face went pale. However, a double take of the room and Hahn noticed his friends. Running to aid them.

"The body should be well tied up," Vince said as he returned, to which Hahn replied, "Do any of you know res?" Vince and Sinah shook there head.

"Well, it isn't too hard, so come over here and I'll show you."

Nothing special, and a little awkward for me to write, but it's something. I'll probably do a time skip soon.
A - Go see Hahn for super special Res training.
B - Vincent go see Hahn, Sinah refuse
C - Sinah go see Hahn, Vincent refuse
D - Neither go see Hahn. There's more important stuff to do.
E - Author's Mind

PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, '10, 10:09 am 
A - Let's go see the super-awesome scholar for some super Res training. ^^

PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, '10, 7:11 pm 
Res should be one technique everyone in Algo learns. So yeah, A.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, '10, 1:57 am 
C - Let's have Sinah get an advantage over his smooth-talking buddy.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, '10, 3:52 am 
A - I'll go with the majority so far.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, '10, 11:07 pm 
A for me too :D

PostPosted: Sat Oct 2, '10, 10:54 pm 
The two boys made there way towards Hahn. "Alright, first off, do you two know how Res feels when used on yourself?" Vincent and Sinah both shared a look with each other, they both knew all too well due to how much trouble they'd get into as kids. "Yeah," Sinah said breaking the silence.

"Basically, what we're doing is we're replicating that same warmth from within ourselves, and transferring that energy from inside, into our hand, and onto our patient. Observe. Res," Hahn said transferring energy into Gryz. "Sinah, go heal Ben and Vincent get Rika. I'll take care of Chaz since he is in the worst state."

Sinah and Vince went off. Vincent went to Rika who he managed to heal first try. She quickly stirred and got up, quickly scanning the room. He smiled and looked at Sinah who was struggling while trying to heal Gryz once more. He just didn't get it.

Finally, Vincent came along and used res once more, this time on Sinah. "Make him feel like that." Sinah just nodded as he began concentrating. "Res," he said as he felt the warmth of Res illuminate out his hand into Ben. He was pretty happy with the result. Last up was Nikki, who was already being tended to by Rika.


Ben was the first to awake from unconsciousness. He looked around, he wasn't at Saya's anymore but at the inn. Looking around in the room, he saw Sinah and Gryz sleeping and Vincent looking out the window. "What happened?" Ben asked as Vincent turned around with a guilty look on his face.

"I killed someone," he said as he sat on the bed.


Just for the hell of it, for the next post, PM what you think should go next. I may use one, or multiple people's answers. You'll get credit. x3

PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, '10, 11:28 pm 
Credit to H-Man goes for part of the next, overdue post.

"Oh, I see," Ben said as he looked out the window as well, seeing the wrecked landrover. "What happened to our ride?" he questioned. "The guy I killed blew it up." Ben felt like he was walking on a thin line, he didn't know what to say, there was an awkward silence in the room.

"May I have a moment with Vincent?" A feminine voice said, Ben turned around and saw Rika, nodding and walking away. "Vincent, how are you holding up?" Rika asked as she put her hand on Vince's shoulder. Looking at Rika, Vince gave a weak smile, "I've been better, but I-"

"You did what you had to in self defense," Rika said in a motherly voice, "sometimes these situations are unavoidable and in order to protect oneself, or ones friends, we do things that we might regret later. Only thing you can do is try to learn from your mistake and accept the consequences. But you mustn't let it weigh you down. If you think too much about it, and a similar situation occurs, someone innocent could get hurt or lose their life. Just don't let it eat you up okay?"

Vince looked at Rika, nodding and accepting her words. With that she smiled at him sweetly and walked away, giving Vince some time to think things over.


Sinah awoke looking around the inn. It was bothersome that he was in pain, but tried to hide that fact. He looked down at his bandages and saw that it was dirty. It needed to be changed.

A - Change it himself
B - Find Nikki to change it
C - Find Saya to change it
D - It's not too bad, it still has a few miles left on it
E - Author's Mind

PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, '10, 1:41 am 
I'll say A.

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