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PostPosted: Mon Jul 2, '12, 11:57 pm
Hey guys, Atlin here with another story. It just popped in my head so I thought I would write it down, I didn't check it all afterwards and the only thing I looked at for reference was another story I did with no reference called Creation and Destruction. What I hope to turn this story into is a Phantasy Star original story.

The story would be set in Algo in the future. Technology would be slightly better than ours, but basically the same. So yes, that means there are cars, cell phones, televisions, and naturally indoor plumbing. (Haha bad joke). I haven't decided on a main character or any of the cast but ideas for the story are starting to come into play. And I will be accepting characters, I'll be posting a character form in the reviews section for this story. So here is the start of it then. Phantasy Star Rift.


Chaos. That is the only thing that I desire in this universe. Ever since I was created, I was destined for chaos. Not at first, no, it was never like this at first. I simply existed, we simply existed my brother and I, as one being. However, we slowly became into two beings, my brother and I. We began to get smarter, until, we began to create. However, I soon grew bored of that, I wanted something else, so I created destruction.

It was a thrill, destruction. destroying everything that my brother and I had built. Destroying those fond memories. However, I needed something more, so I created chaos. My brother didn't like what I was doing, so soon we fought. We fought for many millenia. Then on that fateful day, my brother had a chance to end me. My brother was too soft hearted, he spared me and locked me up in a prison, where I vowed I would return.

And when I finally did, my brother did something I hadn't expected, he used his creations against me, bestowing his power upon them. He drove me back into my cell using these pawns he called warriors. If he thought he was the only one who could use these pawns, he was mistaken. So I waited a thousand years to regain my strength, and began my attack.

It was a shame I failed that time too, but not all was lost, I did something I almost forgot about, I destroyed. Sure I got put back in my cell, but I managed to destroy one of my brothers creations which he called a planet. It was thrilling, and it gave me my perverted pleasure, chaos.

I figured I'd try next time to allow myself to completely escape, but once again I failed. I discovered my brother had been busy choosing more warriors. Creating guardians to guide these warriors on a path to make them stronger, putting them through hardships. He was teaching them to finally destroy me. I couldn't allow that to happen, so I tried multiple times to destroy them, lending out my power to beings to destroy these warriors. Yes I managed to kill one, but I was arrogant, I made another mistake. I let it get to my head. I needed a plan, and so I had one. I would have to die.

I pretended to fight off these warriors, as I had previously done. And did my best to do so. But even though I did that, they weakened me terribly. I saw my brother running towards me with the seal, he still couldn't kill me. That was perfect. I left a portion of myself behind, and accepted the seal. vowing that I would instrument my own escape next time. But I would wait once more. Not for another thousand years, but for two.

And two thousand years have passed. It's time for my escape.
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