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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, '11, 5:12 am
Chapter 1: A Prelude

The esper known as Rune looks out toward the Motabian horizon. The sun reflects against the sky, causing it to look crushed. As he watches this mirage, he thinks about the adventures he had with his friends - the intellectual conversations he had with Forren, the corny jokes told by Raja, the battles he fought with Fal, the arguments he had with Rudy...


Something about that kid draws him. Is it possibly the connection that he had with Lyla? Or maybe it was the way he openly expressed himself... all that Thray knows is that in the fifty years that has passed, he really missed that kid.

"Won't we... meet again?"

Those words echo in his mind, and he feels a slight pain in his heart. It almost caused him to feel guilty that he inherited Lutz's responsibilities. But every time he regrets his position, he reminds himself that they would never have met if it weren't for this.

The esper reached in his cape and pulled out a shining mass. You dolt, he said to himself, we will meet again... but it'll be in a different context, a different body, a different time.

As he says this, the mass of light glows brighter. The Lutz reincarnate shuffles it and it jingles.

The sun goes down and a wind blows. Thray shudders.

"Somehow, I don't think this is the end. Somehow, I feel as if there is something out there, waiting to stir up Algol," he mutters to the air. The open sky returns his words. As the esper shudders again, he grips the mass of light tightly.

He opens his palm to reveal shards of Elsydeon. "Why else would pieces of Elsydeon remain?"
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