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PostPosted: Sun Mar 6, '11, 3:14 pm
Part II: Virgil's Origin

The young boy watched on as his parents discussed an unknown topic with strangers.

He's never seen them before, yet his mom and dad greeted them as if they've known them for years.

There were two of them: one tall, young and beautiful; the other weathered with age and wise. They arrived early in the morning when he was supposed to be asleep and came in through the back door.

At first, they drank tea and muttered about small things like the weather. Then they moved on to subjects like the rise of technique users...

That was it! Those strangers came because mom and dad used magic. Magic was supposed to be a rare gift. Were they going to take them away?


The four adults looked at the entrance to the kitchen to find a stunned four year old staring back at them.

"There he is," one of the strangers said.

"There's more of a resemblance than any so far," the other mused.

What are they talking about?

Mom smiled at her son. "Virgil," she said, "Why don't you go outside and play?"

And that's where he is now.

Young Virgil uprooted some blades of grass and blew at dandelions. It's really pretty out here; are all Motabian Springs this beautiful? he asked himself. Of course he was thinking this to distract himself from his curiosity over the two visitors.

Hours passed in this manner. Virgil thought about adventures he could have while waiting like playing Hunter with the native Motabians across the streets, or borrowing the brush of the girl next door so he could brush his rappy's nest, or swimming in the water with the water biomonsters.

His mom called him inside.

She asked him to pack his things.

Little Virgil looked at his father questioningly, but got a blank stare in response. So Virgil packed some clothes, a hairbrush, a dandelion, a mirror, a stuffed dove, and pictures of his parents.

He was told that he was going to live on Dezolis from now on in a special place called Esper Mansion.

And since then, Virgil lived at Esper Mansion. He was kept to himself in a solitary building and was raised harshly. His days were spent among books, and his nights were spent studying magic.

Upon arrival, Virgil was impressed. The place was very large; it was quiet and serene. There were lots of rooms and the residents looked wise.

They showed him to his room. He got comfortable and looked around. This place has lots of statues of Alisa, he thought to himself. There's a strange essence about this place, too.

Twelve years pass and Virgil grows to become the ideal esper. His magic skills surpass all of his peers, his knowledge is great, and he's elevated himself to the point where communication is difficult.
Due to this, Virgil gets very lonely-- not that he would admit that.

Occasionally, his thoughts travel to his parents. How are they right now? Are they taking care of themselves? Did they replace me with another child?

But, then his responsibilities would wake him from his reveries. He had things to do-- greet new espers, speak at ceremonies, represent the espers at interplanetary council meetings, and other things. And he was successful at all that he did.

One day, a young, novice esper walked up to him and asked, "Don't you get lonely sometimes?"

Virgil peered down at him. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, don't you ever do fun stuff with people? Like jump rope, draw pictures or eat ice cream?"

"Not at Esper Mansion. Espers have to study and perfect magic. Very few people have the skills we do, so we must use them before they go to waste. Besides, it's too cold for ice cream."

"Espers don't have to be boring do they? Isn't there something that you like to do?"

"I...I like to blow dandelions..."

"Me, too! I have some in my room! I had a lot where I came from!" The young esper ran into his room and returned with two dandelions. "You have to make a wish," he said.

Virgil rolled his eyes. "There's no such thing as wishes; only destiny."
However, he did blow the seeds with the youngster.

"What did you wish for?--wait! Don't tell me! Your wish won't come true if you tell me!!"

"I've already told you, there's no such thing as wishes, just destiny-- you'll learn that here."

But deep in his heart, he hoped for a friend.

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