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PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, '10, 12:39 pm 
"The Best" version of Phantasy Star Portable 2 is released tomorrow, by those who pre-order already got their order shipped since yesterday. In this version, we can see the announcement for a game called Phantasy Star Portable Infinity 2.

This will be an expansion/sequel of some sort. Like a PSO Episode 2. Their will a new storyline, a new race to play with, balanced gameplay, and others additions.

Personally, I feel sick about it. The domestic release of PS:P2 is not even out, and already, people in Japan will already look forward the expansion, leaving us very soon way behind in content. Can Sega let us breath for a moment? Instead of milking their "online" franchise, works on an offline title instead.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, '10, 9:09 pm 
It seems like Infinity is going to pack in a lot of extra features. I'm not sure why Sega is announcing it when releasing another version of the regular Portable 2, though. As a buyer, this would turn me off of buying the regular Portable 2. Why not just wait for Infinity, the game with more content?.

I'm disappointed by the new race. I've read elsewhere that they're called "Duman" and they all wear eye patches. It feels unoriginal.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, '10, 9:29 pm 
You steal words from my mouth Thoul. Why Sega of Japan is destroying potential sales of the original PS:P2 here in America and Europe is beyond me. Basic marketing, just wait for the worlwide release of your previous game before announcing the new, else, you get a lot of people who will just wait the "better" version instead. Really, it's like the differents houses of Sega is never talking to each other.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, '10, 4:30 am 
Sega almost pulled the same thing with DC PSO ver 2..

But the question is.. How many SHELLED out Episode 1/2 plus on the gamecube? It was just episode 1/2 with the tower quests and 1 online quest only.

The marketing has shown that people don't care. They will buy BOTH. Heck, in japan people will buy the same thing over and over being milked to death.

Evangelion had this done, so did DBZ.

People will buy PSU portable, they will buy PSU portable 2 then they will buy the expansion.

it was also less than a year later that people shelled out for Ambition of the Illuminus so they could play the Episode 2 content offline when Episode 2 was online only. AoI was just reskinned monster attacks on semi new maps.

People coulda just used the free 45 days online and played Episode 2 online without buying the game but they did anyways.

Sadly, no release for Episode 3 offline for PS2/PC. Users got screwed out of that. Those who never played online with their PS/2 or PC will never get to play the episode 3.

Consumers can be milked, it has been proven.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, '10, 1:31 pm 
Oh I know I can be fall in this trap over and over again. Even if I'm angry, if Sega put a "Phantasy Star" stamp on a game, I'll buy it without even realizing I did. Like my subconscious is working against me when it comes to Phantasy Star

PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, '10, 5:20 pm 
Well, good to know they're still working on new PS themed games. Keep in mind though, it's likely to be a year after the Japanese release before Infinity gets an English language release.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, '10, 7:24 pm 
There's a release date for Infinity now. February 24, 2011. According to andriasang, it will be released in both retail and download versions. The retail copies are supposed to have extra codes with them.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, '10, 1:52 pm 
Indeed, and amongst those pre-order bonus, some of those are clothes representing Red Ring Rico and Heatcliff Flowen

In others news....Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders will also be in the game...this is a big WTH??? Not enough to have publicity with Pizza Hut in the last game, now we have actual character from a restaurant chain?

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, '10, 3:32 am 
Kentucky Fried Rappy? Sign me up!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, '10, 7:16 am 
I'm not playing with Colonel Whatever. I've never liked chicken to begin with.

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