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PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, '10, 12:06 am 
In 1997, the rare Mega Drive release of Phantasy Star appeared in an eBay auction. At the time, very little information regarding Japanese exclusive releases in the series, such as this game, could be found on the internet. Many people doubted the authenticity of the game, believing it had been released only on the Master System. To quell those doubts, the seller posted scans from the Mega Drive manual, which is different from that of other releases. Since this version of the manual is so rare, those scans have been archived here.

These pages illustrated some of the enemies that appear in the game. Page #28 features Hellex, Killer Plant, Vampire, Motavian Nof (pronounced with a long "o", as in "oaf"), and Sharkin. Dezorian, Dark Marauder, Robot Police, and King Saber fill out page #29. Thanks to Jack Power for the translations of these names from the original Japanese.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 3, '20, 3:07 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Fabulous find. Images from the Mega Drive manual of various enemies in Phantasy Star!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 3, '20, 12:26 pm 
Those pages are so great ! :)

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