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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, '14, 10:30 pm 
Castiel glanced at Rebecca and Mira, then at the surrounding worms. There was still around thirty or so worms but he could tell his companions were getting tired.

"We'll take care of them with one attack," Cass said while dodging a worm, pulling free his dagger adding a huge gash into the side of the creature, throwing his knife towards another that charged the trio.

"We'll run back towards Rio, she should be able to cover us while we retreat. The worms should follow us. After that, we'll unleash whatever techniques we have. If you don't have any attack techs, just take care of whatever gets close to us. Any questions?"

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, '14, 3:24 am 
Mira accepts Rebecca's hand and stands up. "I'm already pretty shot for techniques- what if we ran to Mile and got on the rooftops? I don't think the worms can climb so we'd be able to pick them off easily." She quickly reloads her revolver and readies to follow Castiel's lead.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, '14, 4:58 am 
"I don't think we'd make in time," Castiel quickly glanced around them, noticing the opening slowly starting to close. "You two go ahead, I'll hold them off for now and catch up to you shortly. I move fast when I'm alone."

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, '14, 11:05 pm 
"Gotta protect the distressed damsels, huh?" Mira laughs, and starts backpedaling towards the Guardian base, revolver ready in case Castiel gets himself overwhelmed.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 1, '14, 5:14 am 
"Distressed damsels huh?" Rebecca chuckled along with Mira. Flipping her hair to the side she stayed in the rear of the group as they fell back. "I'll take the defensive back here, you guy's watch my front."

PostPosted: Tue Jul 1, '14, 5:31 am 
As the group got closer the Guardians HQ, Castiel stopped allowing the other two to keep going. He put his hand out in front of him allowing the familiar feel of gra tingle through his fingers, firing one after another. As the balls of black lightning exploded from his hands, they acted as a laser beam, cutting through multiple worms stopping at random intervals for each one.

Castiel concentrated on his attack unaware of the ground starting to break at his feet until it was too late. He was tossed from his feet, flung up into the air.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 4, '14, 4:36 am 
Rio always had the same problem with using Frenzy, as she called it, ever since the first time she used it: It played hell with her body's senses and reactions. This time it wasn't so bad-- when she came out of her rapid shooting, she could see her companions below starting to regroup.

The blonde only had vague impressions of what happened as her mind caught up with her body: Black lasers, some strange Gra variant, Castiel easily slashing through redworms, everybody starting to make their way over...

"!! Castiel!"

She could see the ground starting to give beneath Castiel's feet. It was the redworms' telltale attack maneuver; burrow from beneath their victim. Castiel was tossed off the ground as the worm burst through the sand, its maw opening wide in anticipation.

Rio stood from her sniping post, her eyes closed. Partially out of instinct, partially as a practiced motion, she pointed at the empty air between Castiel and the worm's mouth. The wind started to billow and wrap around her like a warm embrace as she concentrated.

"Zan!" she cried out, willing the air between Castiel and the worm to explode-- sending Castiel to safety, while hopefully severing the redworm's jaws.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 4, '14, 7:02 am 
Castiel found himself falling towards the worm, it's mouth wide open looking for fresh meat. He was in an awkward position with no time to recover.

"Damn it!" Cass yelled as a sudden gust of wind whipped him in the opposite direction. Castiel found himself in the still in the air as he found himself flying over the remaining Red worm. There was only about a dozen left.

Before he hit the ground, Castiel yelled towards his nearest companions, "Rebecca! Mira! Let's finish this!"

Cass landed on his side, rolling a few times before getting himself in a fighting stance. He had a few minor cuts from the fall and his side stung from the impact, but it wasn't anything serious. He looked towards his opposite him of the worms. They were in a perfect flanking position.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, '14, 8:32 pm 
More of them?! Larger group than usual...

Rio frowned, sighting one of the worms with her rifle. She didn't dare use Frenzy again; the sensory deprivation/disorientation would be disastrous in heated combat like this. Silently, she resolved to just shoot normally.

The trigger was squeezed, a bullet on its way to the worm nearest Castiel.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, '14, 10:41 pm 
Mira breaks into a run to Castiel, unloading her own revolver at the worms before sliding to a stop in the sand right before Castiel, and right in the way of a Red worm's attack. "Too slow...."

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