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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, '14, 7:40 am 
"Sounds like a plan to me," Rio replied. She looked towards the approaching redworms, then pulled her rifle from its place at her back. "I'd be better on higher ground, Castiel, but... I can shoot from down here. Don't worry."

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, '14, 6:41 pm 
Castiel nodded, looking around the field. He saw different terrain, the majority of it was wide open, there was some low ledges, and even ledges that would be inaccessible through normal means. He looked behind the group at the Motavian Guardians Headquarters and looked at one of the watch towers. While it wasn't the largest tower it seemed to have the best height out of everything around them.

"Would you be able to get a clear shot if you were up there?"Castiel said pointing to the tower.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, '14, 1:26 am 
Rebecca examined the terrain. Castiel pointed to a tower at the headquarters behind them and glanced at her teammates. "Worms... targets that move underground but dumb enough to stay above ground when faced with an opponent." She said.

Crossing her arms she looked further in the distance. "I could lure a group of them out over there near that ridge and Rio could get a clear shot."

She pondered for a moment. "But I could really use backup over there, by myself i'd be a sitting target if a large group from the nest emerged with it being that close."

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, '14, 1:42 am 
"I'll go with you, Rebecca." Mira pulls a revolver from her ankle holster and readies a technique. "Saner...."

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, '14, 4:20 am 
"I'll lead them towards your direction then," Castiel said as he felt Mira's Saner technique engulf him. He felt a lot lighter now and smiled as he took off towards the herd.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, '14, 10:09 pm 
"Up there?" Rio glanced at the tower, taking note of its features: It was out of reach of the redworms, there was a clear view of the Motavian desert, places to lie down or take cover. Perfect, she thought. "Yeah, that's perfect," she said out loud.

She immediately groaned when she realized the rest of the team would be trying to lure the worms out. The last time this scenario came up-- No, she thought. We won't have a repeat of that.

"All right, let's get going!" she said, making her way towards the tower.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, '14, 2:16 am 
Rebecca unsheathed her sword and placed it across her shoulder. She made a quick dash for the ridge so she could quickly lure the worms out for Rio. Mira stood near her, Rebecca extended her left hand forward and began drawing a octagonal shape in the air. "Deban!" She yelled out.

At that moment a shield appeared in front of the two. "My Deban only works for those in close range so Castiel is gonna have to defend himself over there." She told Mira. Again she extended her hand and began drawing a star shape. "Shift!" She yelled out again.

A red aura glowed around the two and she could feel her power slightly increase. "Also my Shift only works for those in a 30 foot range of me so if you move outside that range you'll lose the ability. But if you move near me once again you should gain it back as long as I can keep my concentration going." She explained to Mira how her skills worked. She gave a slight smile to her comrade and prepared for battle.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, '14, 2:25 am 
"You know more about techniques than me- I just picked up a couple in a self-defense class when I was younger." Mira starts running at the worms, and fires five rounds into the stampede before extending her claw, trusting Rebecca to be a skilled fighter.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, '14, 2:52 am 
Catiel circled around the worms and made his way to the front and center of the horde. He was being charged by the group of worms. It looked as if there was around twenty or thirty worms, but there could easily be more undergound. "Shift!" Castiel said, allowing himself to be engulfed in the red aura.

He stood his ground with his scythe in his hands. The ground shook as they got closer. There's more than I thought Castiel thought as he took a step back, throwing his hand in front of him. "GRA!"

A ball of black lightning emerged from his hand, seeming to split into multiples as it went directly into the group. The Red Worms seemed to slow down at this sudden attack, some seemed unfazed though, despite some of it's kind being shredded from the technique. Castiel readied his scythe again as he charged, moving to one side so he could herd them easier.

Swinging his weapon, he made contact, easily slicing through the Red Worm. A green muck coming from the wounds of the creatures. The horde was turning towards the other Guardians, aside from a few who slipped past Cass.

Castiel didn't stop, seemingly possessed as he killed his foe.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, '14, 4:40 am 
A worm crashed into Rebecca's shield causing a crack to form in the Deban. "Huh they're stronger than I thought." Rebecca said slashing the worm in half with her sword. She knew her job was not to kill all the beasts but lure them to a opening for Rio to get a clear shot.

Running to the clearing Rebecca reached into her satchel and pulled out a small object. "If I recall worms react by sound. So by blowing this whistle they should be alerted towards me." She thought. Placing it in her mouth she blew causing a high pitched tone to flood the air. A few worms turned their attention towards Rebecca and dug underground.

"Alright, come for it!" She yelled. She took a battle stance but kept the whistle in her mouth and continued to blow. "Alright Rio, you have to get em. Mira I'm hoping you'll take out any stragglers so they don't catch me off guard." she thought to herself.

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