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PostPosted: Sat May 31, '14, 8:10 am 
Castiel just sighed as he nodded. All of his things were shipped ahead of him so he was already set to go with all his equipment in check. He took his scythe on his back and sat down on the couch, patiently waiting for the others to finish.

PostPosted: Sat May 31, '14, 5:43 pm 
Mira simply checks her pockets to see how many bullets she has on hand, and sits down beside Castiel to write in one of her notebooks- it looks like a news story about somebody going missing.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 12:00 am 
"Just give me a second and I'll be ready."

Rio slid her access card through a reader, and was in her room in about a second. Like Mira's quarters, the central area had a table and small chair, which had seen better days. The small radio resting on the table was turned off, its sole neighbor a folded shirt that Rio hadn't had time to put away yet. Rio ignored these; what she needed was in her bedroom.

Resting in one corner near her bed was a three-foot sword, its blade made of steel. The blonde collected it from its resting place, twisting and adjusting the scabbard strap so the blade could be easily drawn from her hip. A knife would have been easier, she thought. but this was Granddad's, and he gave it to Mom...

Her eye caught a framed slightly-faded picture hanging near the bed: A blonde woman, almost Rio's twin, smiling in a simple white wedding gown, hugging a brown-haired man. The man, clad in a simple gray robe, was returning the woman's embrace with one arm while using his free hand to push a pair of glasses up his nose. Rio could only sigh as she read the writing on the bottom of the picture: Wedded Bliss! Chris Trenze and Sara MacLeod, September 9, AW 2290, Uzo Island

Rio left her quarters after retrieving her sword, sitting down next to Castiel on the couch in the common room.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 1:40 am 
Sliding her card the door to Rebecca's room quickly opened. Atop the bed was her hunter's outfit. The door closed behind her and she placed her sword down on the table.

"Time to get out of these clothes." Rebecca said as she lifted her shirt.

(We're sorry but this portion of the RP is to mature for viewing audiences. Please wait while Rebecca changes)

Flipping her hair Rebecca gave a little twirl in front of the mirror as her outfit twirled around. "All better, now to get my sword and..."

(Rebecca.. Rebecca come in)

"Oh god. What is it Claude?" Rebecca said placing her hand against her ear.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 2:22 am 
Castiel watched as one Mira sat beside him, pulling out a notebook. He glanced at the contents as he saw some story about someone going missing. He put his hands on the back of his head as he sighed, leaning back on the couch. Cass casually glanced at Rio as she entered the room, noticing a sword by her side. Without saying a word, she too sat beside Castiel, opposite of Mira.

Awkward silence filled the air, aside from Mira's random scribbling. Cass felt no need to say anything as they waited for their last companion.

"Oh? You're all here," a voice said. Castiel looked at the source and saw Reichert. "Oh wait, one of you is missing? Well, no matter. I'll brief you on your mission, you can ell Cross afterwards. There's been reports of a large group of Red Worm heading towards Piata. We need you to stop them and thin out the horde if possible. Collins, as the oldest member of New Millennium, I'm putting you in charge. Both you and Hernandez are to assess the new members and gauge their skills. That is all. Good luck Guardians." With that Reichert was gone.

Castiel thought about the Red Worms. Back in the guild he heard a legend say that in Mile, there used to be a sandworm rancher who hired some hunters to kill an overgrown worm. However, he didn't know the worm laid eggs which mutated when the Mile Meteorite hit, hatching a new breed of monster. It's said that Red Worms aren't as strong as giant worms are, but stronger than infant worms. They're also fast and usually roam in groups.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 2:29 am 
"Sounds like I'm going to get a proper workout. Maybe I'll consider better weapons after this one." Mira put away her notebook and knocks on Rebecca's door. "Hey, it's time to go! ...?" She places an ear against the door, thinking Rebecca's talking with someone.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 3:17 am 
(So how was your trip?)

"Oh you know long boat ride to the mainland, guildmasters not giving any direction whatsoever. You know." Rebecca whispered as she paced around the room.

(Yea about that. The guildmasters did give you a map, however there was a little mishap during transfer.)

Rebecca gripped her fist and slammed it against the wall. "You son of a....... You screwed with me didn't you?!"

(Yea and it was oh so much fun. Now onto other matters. Were you able to find the target?)

Rebecca sat down on her bed and whispered "Idiot, they're not targets they're allies. Our first mission is leading us in the general direction of Sopia...... wait why do you care?)

(Oh Rebecca darling I love when you get angry. Its just a little bit of reassurance that you're doing your job.)

"Rather you're spying on me. I don't understand how a freak like you got to rank 1"

Rebecca heard footsteps near her room.

"I got to go. Ending transmission."

(Oh Rebeeeeecccaaaa............... *silence*)

"Theres just something wrong with that guy." Rebecca said as she took a small circular object out of her ear. "Better that I get rid of this now and report to the guild in person when the jobs done." she said as she smashed the communicator.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 3:49 am 
Mira flinches when she hears the crunch of something expensive-sounding, then knocks again. "Rebecca? We're heading out now!"

She glances at the others with a look of worry and embarrassment.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 5, '14, 5:56 am 
"What? What's wrong?" Rio asked, concerned. "Mira, is Rebecca all right in there?"

PostPosted: Fri Jun 6, '14, 7:56 pm 
"Rebecca? We're heading out now!"

"Oh sorry I'm coming." Rebecca yelled out as the communicator fell to the ground. The door to her room opened and standing right at her door stood Mira. "Sorry to keep everyone waiting. So how do I look" Rebecca said with a smile.

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