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PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, '14, 11:08 pm 
Mira let out a yelp of surprise as her ears point outward, then immediately backward in displeasure. "I... I guess I'm not the only one good at seeing tells..." Her cheeks redden slightly as she returned her hat to her head and starts back towards the base, not bothering to keep her ears from poking out the hole it had sustained in the fight.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, '14, 3:36 am 
For one brief, horrifying instant, Rio thought a redworm had burrowed under Mira, judging by the sudden surprised yelp behind her. She reached for her sword out of instinct, spinning on her heel.

The blade started to pull free from its scabbard. Her hair practically whipped behind her as Rio brought herself around in an arc--

--looking at a clearly-embarrassed Mira, adjusting her hat to accommodate her ears. "Wh... what?" Rio stammered. She took a step towards Mira, barely registering the dull thud of her sword hitting the ground, her grip slacking as she approached the reporter.

"Mira? Are you all ri..." Her voice became a surprised whisper as she added, "Are those your ears?" Childlike curiosity threatened to overtake Rio as she found herself reaching out to touch one of Mira's pointed ears.

Discipline kicked in, and Rio brought her hand back quickly. "I... I'm sorry. I should have asked," she finished.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, '14, 4:01 am 
Mira's face turned red as a beet as she cupped her hands over her head to cover her ears. "Y-yes, I'm a numan. Normally it takes a few weeks before someone even guesses at the possibility- I'll have to put a little more care into guarding the rest of my past, lest I run out of morsels to offer in exchange for interviews...."

She starts walking faster towards the base, wondering if this is how her previous targets felt to have their secrets exposed to newspaper and radio.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, '14, 4:22 am 
Castiel sighed as he watched Mira walk off. "I guess we owe her an apology huh?" Castiel made a mental note as he casually swung his scythe to put it away. He looked around at the Red Worm carcasses knowing he wasn't looking forward to retrieving the rest of his weapons. "I might be here awhile. Feel free to head back without me." With that, Cass walked towards the area he thought he left his knife.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, '14, 4:49 am 
"I... wait, Mira! Hold on!" Rio called, jogging after Mira. She paused long enough to pick up her dropped sword, then once she had caught up to the numan, added, "You don't have to hide your ears."

PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, '14, 10:54 pm 
Mira looked at Rio as she catches up. "I know I don't have to, but this does change the dynamic a little- it's gonna be tricky setting up an interview my normal way since I don't have information to trade in kind now."

She rubbed her neck as she glanced towards the sky to judge the time. Might be able to stop by Pyke for an emergency purchase before debriefing... "I'll have to ask Castiel what tipped him off, though- I like to think I'm better than the Aiedo socialites at finding and hiding secrets. I might be out of practice on the hiding portion."

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 8, '14, 1:47 am 
Rio sweatdropped; up until Castiel removed her hat, she had no idea Mira was even a numan. I can understand why, but she shouldn't have to hide herself, she thought.

But how did Castiel know? I was looking at everyone the whole time we were out here... She glanced over at Castiel; his back was already to the group as he was returning to the ruined main square. There's no way anybody's just that good at figuring somebody out.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 9, '14, 6:49 am 
(OOC: Hope you all don't mind a slight time skip to later that night. Just to get the RP flowing again.)

Castiel stepped out of the shower in his room and got dressed. He dressed himself with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of red shorts. Walking by his desk, he grabbed a folder that contained limited profile information on his teammates. He had already read it of course, but he thought he should add notes to them to help organize his thoughts.

Without even bothering to fully dry his hair,Castiel left his room, heading towards the bar to grab himself a drink.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 9, '14, 6:23 pm 
"Driven to drink, Cass?" Mira looks up from her notepad at the hunter, a new hat upon her head. "Sorry about not helping you with fetching your blades. I would've gotten you a metal detector or something, but it looks like I had order one from Aiedo, so it'll be a few weeks until it arrives." Her eyes glance to the folder, and she feels her mischievous curiosity flare up.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, '14, 3:20 am 
"I wouldn't think a metal detector would have helped too much considering how close we are to the tear. Mind you that is only speculation. "

Cass glanced around the room, noticing a few other Guardians from the other sections conversing amongst each other. There were five branches at the Guardian HQ, each with their own jobs. Cass thought about the other four branches. Blue Gekko, Red Harbinger, Dire Wolf, Dead Silence and the newest team, New Millenium.

"So, do you mind if I take a seat?" Cass asked as he gestured to the open seat beside Mira.

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