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PostPosted: Fri May 23, '14, 5:41 am 
"Wh-what?!" Rio stammered, the fluster on her face obvious. "I... I don't bite!"

As a blush crept across her face, she turned around, trying to get Mira and Castiel back on track. "Anyway," she started. "Come with us, Mister Dawson, and we can get you an access card. First one's free-- if you wind up losing it, a new one's gonna set you back a hundred Meseta."

She smiled, her eyes sparkling as she added, "Of course, if something like one of those... things... happens to your card, the replacement's on the house." As she guided Castiel, the ribbon Rio wore at the bottom of her hair swished back and forth at her ankles.

PostPosted: Fri May 23, '14, 12:49 pm 
Great," Castiel thought as he followed Rio, I'm not good with these types of woman.

"Feel free to call me Cass. Mister Dawson sounds too formal." Castiel looked at how long Rio's hair was. It looked really inconvenient for this type of job. "So Rio, do you go out in the field too?"

PostPosted: Fri May 23, '14, 10:53 pm 
Mira nods as she follows beside Castiel. "Rio's been in the field more than me, I've been turning to her for guidance when situations arise since she knows what she's doing. I don't even think there's really much in the way of office staff since the group's so small right now. I'm not the authority on it since I'm still pretty new to the team, though."

PostPosted: Sat May 24, '14, 2:58 am 
Name: Rebecca Cross
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Palman
Role: Hunter / Magic User
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110lbs
~eye color: Emerald
~hair color: Scarlet
~hair style: Hime Cut
~Clothes: Faded black tank-top, Dark Red and White Skirt (goes barely above knee's) with a small leather satchel around the waste, brown shoes.
~Accessories: Blue framed glasses (think Bayonetta style) A Rika shaped keychain attached to satchel.
Equipment: Long Sword, Plsm-Shield (remade to resemble a wristlet but creates a shield for defense) Twin Slashers
Techs: Res, Shift, Deban,
Skills: Rayblade, Medice,
Character History: Rebecca Cross enlisted in the Neo Paseo Hunters Guild at the age of 15 where she moved up in ranks. She aspires to become the Guilds top hunter like her mother but has only moved up to rank 5. Rebecca accells with sword and has always believes the old methods of fighting with a sword is the true way of a hunter. A talented magic user she uses her techniques for defense to protect members of her group. She has been tasked to join the New Millennium group to assist with the monster outbreak.
Other: 35-27-35

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PostPosted: Sat May 24, '14, 4:31 am 
The year was AW 2309. Archaeologists unearthed the ruins of Sopia, a town that once resided on Motavia many many years ago. AW 2331, twenty two years after Sopia was discovered and renovated a group of people who worship the Goddess Kaithia, ruler of the Sun and Moon that resides above Motavia established a church in the middle of Sopia.

AW 2334, the town of Sopia has flourished into a large bustling community full of Kathia worshipers. Three weeks prior to the current day news that local villagers have gone missing when visiting the town of Sopia. In Neo Paseo, one of the largest renovated cities on the planet word has spread of the villagers disappearance and the involvement of several members of the church.

"Rebecca Cross, Rank 5 Hunter reporting for duty." A young woman said. She stood before a group, or rather a council of seven. Seven members ran the Neo Paseo hunters guild as joint guildmasters. "Miss Cross, your talents with the Guild have proven far beyond our expectations." The elderly man said, his hands clasped together.

He began tapping his fingers together, Rebecca nodded and smiled. "Thank you sir for your kind words." The middle aged brunette next to him placed her hand over her mouth as she coughed. "Miss Cross, no.. Rebecca. We have given tons of consideration with events happening in the mainland and have decided to send you to Sopia to investigate the disappearance of the local villagers"

"But this task you cannot take alone. Seek out the members of New Millennium. While they are a group tasked with monster extermination they could prove a valuable asset regarding the condition of Sopia." A second man interrupted. He stroked his long beard.

Present Day

"Crap, I hate the mainland so much. I never have any idea where I'm going." Rebecca thought to herself. "I wonder where I'm going to find this (New Millennium) group at. The guildmasters really didn't give me anything to go by." She thought.

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PostPosted: Sat May 24, '14, 6:48 am 
"Well, I wouldn't say I know what I'm doing," Rio replied with a chuckle. "But Mira's right-- I do spend some time in the field. It's usually just to fix a couple weapons on the fly, but once or twice I've had to fight. Good thing my dad taught me a thing or two about shooting, huh?"

After a few seconds' walk, Rio stopped. Reaching into her vest pocket, she withdrew a brass-plated pocket watch, its chain hanging from one of the vest's buttons. Popping it open, she glanced at the watch's face, then sighed. "Pyke should be open by now," she said. She gave the picture in the watch's lid a look before pressing it shut.

PostPosted: Sat May 24, '14, 1:57 pm 
Mira tries to get a quick peek at the pocket watch right as Rio closes it. "Pyke? I don't think I've heard of that place, is it a bar?"

PostPosted: Sat May 24, '14, 2:23 pm 
Castiel found himself getting stuck between his two comrades talking without being able to say anything. Not that he minded. Rio stopped in front of him and opened up a pocket watch, but the angle she held the watch was just enough to censor it with the lighting. The way she looked when she closed the watch told Castiel that it was important to her. He knew the feeling as well, suddenly conscious of the necklace around his neck, tucked under his shirt.

PostPosted: Sat May 24, '14, 4:31 pm 
A small odd group of people walked into the room. A man and two women all gathered together glancing at something the man was carrying. "Excuse me umm... Sir. Those people there, do you happen to know who they are?" She asked.

At first he ignored Rebecca and continued wiping down the slasher he was holding. For a brief moment he glanced over and averted his attention back to Rebecca. "That appears to be Castiel. Quite famous around these parts and a member of the task force, or so they say." he replied.

"Hmm, task force you say. Perhaps I should go over and introduce myself. Maybe they can help me figure out whats going on." she thought to herself. She thanked the Motavia and casually walked over to the group.

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PostPosted: Sun May 25, '14, 9:41 pm 
"A bar? Oh, no no." Rio chuckled again. "Pyke's not a bar, Pyke's a person. A Motavian. He's the chief quartermaster and armorer for the New Millennium task force. I guess you could say I'm his apprentice."

The blonde nudged the door open, leading into a small office. Seated at a battered laerma wood desk was a mountain of a Motavian, clad in the traditional grass-green robes of his kind. An unlit cigar dangled from his beak as he worked on some complicated apparatus on the desk.

"Heya, Pike!" Rio called out. "Got a new recruit for ya-- he needs an access card!"

"Does he now?" The Motavian's voice was low and gruff. He looked up at Castiel, as if appraising him.

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