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PostPosted: Wed Nov 5, '08, 10:00 am 
One thing that bugs me about the ending of this game is that we never get to see how the heroes escaped from the battlefield. After the Profound Darkness died, that dimensional rift began to become unstable. Elsydeon protected the heroes, but instead of seeing their escape, we get two transition scenes like this.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 5, '08, 11:07 am 
Maybe Elsydeon performed Grantz technique (since Ryuka apparently wasn't enough) like Mieu/Neisword? Maybe they didn't mention because it would be repetitive (PSII and PSIII already done that), but it would be cool if it was that.

There may be other reasons: PSIV team may have wanted to give some suspense because (for some of us) that was how PSII heroes died...

and/or with the continuation of the scenes it shows that PSII heroes may have lived after all, since basically the only difference between PSII ending and PSIV ending (in this perspective) is that PSIV shows the rest of the ending ... if it didn't showed the farewell scene I'm pretty sure we (the same that believe PSII ended tragically) thought they would be dead by now... but they lived, at least in PSIV.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 6, '08, 3:17 am 
Those are good points. I think they would have said something if Elsydeon possessed warping powers like Grantz, but maybe they thought it was implied.

This does have a good parallel with the ending of PSII. I hadn't considered that, but it's quite similar. Nice catch! :D

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