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 Post subject: Phantasy Star IV Roleplay
PostPosted: Tue Nov 6, '07, 5:16 am 
Please note that this roleplay is not canon.

Note on Techs and skills:
Numans may have up to 16 techs and 6 skills
Humans (Hunters) May have up to 10 techs and 6 skills
Humans(Espers) may have up to 18 Techs and 8 skills
Motavians may have up to 4 techs and 4 skills
Dezolians may have up to 18 techs and 10 skills
Androids may have up to 0 techs and 6 skills

Note: You may create 1 skill of your own. If you do this, you must discribe it's effect and set limits for it. Please make your skill reasonable. Don't create a skill that kills everything and works 100% of the time. Think hard before creating your skill.

Note: You may give or take up to 3 techs or skills from your character. But this comes at the expense of sacrificing another set. Ex: Adding 2 skills means you must Subtract 2 Techs

*Numans may have TP up to 180 and HP up to 190
*Hunters may have TP up to 140 and HP up to 220
*Espers may have TP up to 300 and HP up to 150
*Motavians may have up to 40 tp and HP up to 350
*Dezolins may have TP up to 280 and HP up to 190
Androids may have TP up to 0 and HP up to 500

*You may swap up to 40 points from one area and add them to another. Ex: Numans can reduce their TP to 100 and add their HP to 270

Make your stats reasonable

Character creation form:




Left hand:
Right hand:


Sprite (Optional):

Rules: HAVE FUN!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 6, '07, 5:30 am 

HP: 320
TP: 60

Name: Ryn
Race: Motavian
Age: 25

Image Ryns' Erad (short for Eradicate)

Techs: GiGra, Res, , GiThu, Hinas
Skills: Warcry, Sweeping, Crosscut, Erad

Image Ryns standard attack


Head: Swift helm
Body: Cyber suit
Left hand: Defeat-Axe
Right hand: Defeat-Axe
Feet: Garda Boots


Strength: 320
Agility: 130
Attack: 290
Defense: 250
Mental: 90

Bio: Ryn, born and raised in the Motavian town of Tonoe, grew up learning about the works of the Heroic Alis and company. Like his grandfather, Dorin, Ryn posessed an abnormaly impressive amount of Technique, much unlike many Motavians. One atribute that lef Ryn to study under his grandfather was his black fur. Ryns fur made him quite unpopular in town, so he remained indoors with his grandfather who taught him to harness what little "Magic" was avalible to him. At the age of 19, Ryn was visited by his cousin Gryz who taught him to weild an Axe. Much like his cousin, Ryn grew very fond of the weapon and quickly became an expert at weilding it in battle. While away from Tonoe on a hunting trip near Krup for his Grandfather, Ryn witnessed the destruction of his cousins home at the hands of what he thought was an evil spirit. Ryn rushed back to Tonoe just before blocking the entrance to his home with boulders using the techniques that his grandfather taught him. Shortly after he returned to his home, Ryn saw humans for the first time in his life. Finding it odd that these humans entered his grandfathers residance, Ryn lingered around the head of the cave leading to his home, hopeing to question the strangers. When his his grandfather and one of the humans aproached him shortly after, Ryn was dumbfounded to learn that what he had witnessed was the work of another human. Noteing Ryns concern, the human bestowed upon Ryn his White mantle and told him not to worry and that his cousin would soon have his home back.
Ryn chose not to return to his home, but to move to Nayla. Though it was over a weeks travel, Ryn knew he would be able to join the Hunters guild in the nearbay Aideo and make a living for himself. This is where we leave Ryn. Half-way to Nayla, journeying through the Motavian desert.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 6, '07, 6:55 am 
I matched my stats with yours. Reasonably. XD

HP: 160
TP: 180

Name: Shina
Race: Numan
Age: 20
Tech: NaRes, NaFoi, NaWat, NaTsu, GiGra, GiSar, GiZan, Doran, Deban, Anti, Rimpa, Rever, Saner, Shift, Hinas, Ryuka
Skillz: Ataraxia, Distrupt, Double Slash, Eliminate, Tandle, Legion


Head: Silver Crown
Body: Silver Mail
Left Hand: Genocyde Claw
Right Hand: Guardian Claw
Feet: Silver Boots


Strength: 100
Agility: 150
Attack: 130
Defense: 200
Mental: 500

Bio: Transported to the Motavian planet from her time, she has no memory of her previous life, only that she was skilled in using claws, and her techniques were far more advanced than the citizens of this time. From the recollection of what her mind will tell her, she is supposed to find a place called "The Hunters Guild" and be sent on the mission to collect data from a fallen spaceship from years in the past. She had no idea why, but the incentive of it being her only lead to discover what her purpose is, led her to pursue this Guild and play her role in hopes she will remember her past. So she begins her journey, from a town called Zema.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 7, '07, 7:30 am 
I think we can go ahead and start.. If anyone else wants to join, they can do so.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '07, 2:40 am 
-= The black furred motavian stood before his venquished foes, a horde of Locusta that he deafeated with GiGra. Glancing up and wiping the insects blood from his sweaty forehead, the Motavian ventured onward, keeping in mind his goal. Nayla. He would be able to make a decent living for himself and live as all the great hunters on Motavia lived. He could see it all, the happy faces of those he helped, responding to the requests of the troubled commoners in need of the assistance of a great hunter. All the praise, money, and all the women! Best of all, he wouldn't have to trek through any more sand to get home! Ryn cursed under his breathe. He should have bought a Telepipe back in Krup. They arent very exmensive, after all. Letting the issue brew in his mind, Ryn tugged at the collar of the White Mantle that covered his otherwhise intimidating cyber-suit. He raised a hand just above his eyes to wide sweat from his brow. Motavians were excellent survivors in the desert, but while their fur protected them from gusting sand, it also proved to be quite hot and it was easily dritied. Ryn closed his third eyelid, removing a speck of sand that had wedged itself against his red retina. Hoisting his beloved axe onto the harness he had crafted onto the back of his cyber suit, Ryn stopped for a long moment to view his cousins hometown that was all but in ruins. The thought of that damned black scorcerer made Rynz blood boil. How dare he attack his cousins village? Motavians never did anything to harm anyone. What provoked this human into attacking, nay, destroying an entire town? So many lives where lost, and had RYn been stronger, he could have faught against the crazed magician with his cousin Gryz. The sun continued to beat down over his mantle. Even now, the sand ravaged the remains of Molcom, buffeting what used to be his cousins home. In the distance he could see the house in which he so often played "Spot the fanbite larva" with Gryz. Ryn nodded his head and gave a silent prayer to those who were lost in the severly one sided battle. Just as Ryn turned to leave, he was met by four sand newts. =- DAMN! Do the dead get no rest? -= Ryn knew this would be a slightly difficult battle. He had used the majority of his technique on the earlier battles and his health was low. Bearing his teeth at the creatues, Ryn swung his Axe from its harness and roared, prepping himself for battle. =- Get out of my WAY!

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '07, 4:25 am 
Shina stepped slowly out of the installation grounds. SEED had been exceptionally kind to her, and seemed to take note of her appearance. She wondered if that’s how computers of this day and age complimented someone. She took it that way. As she smoothly slew a lone Xanafalgue, she thought intensely, trying to remember something, the cave wasn’t too familiar, she couldn’t tell if it was in her memories of before, or just the time she had been with SEED. A random Zoran Bult fled at her sight, and she made no effort to chase the pathetic creature. A small arch flew over head when she stepped into the next room. SEED had educated her of most of the important facts about Motavia. He informed her that the planet was threatened by harsh storms that grew more frequent, and that creatures beyond her imagination were beginning to stir. She was well prepared, or so she thought, for whatever road may lie ahead. As she stepped into broad daylight, blinded by the sudden rush of cool air flowing on her face and whipping her hair back, she nearly stopped polishing her claw from the Flatterplant spew that had attempted to take her by surprise. She watched in awe seeing the creatures that walked peacefully about. They had many similarities, same figure and stance but lacked the highly admired ears that she fondly possessed. These creatures must have been the Parmans that landed on this planet during the Great Collapse. They all greeted each other in happiness and she did not expect the reaction they gave her from the cheery nature of the bunch. A rather short Parman started laughing and pointed at her head. And a number of the male Parmans started chuckling as well. Not with her, at her. Suddenly the remainder of the townsfolk gasped and screamed, some others started dropping from their work at the farm and brought their tools to her in what seemed a hostile manner. Shina, anticipating an attack chose to flee, not wanting to affect the small establishment and quickly hid herself in a nearby bush, quite hurt that they were laughing at her, nonetheless at her ears. She was ashamed and took a while to think about how she was going to go about her journey.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '07, 7:12 am 
The damned creatures had finaly gotten the best of him. Ryn continued to flee from the Locusta that pursued him. While both Motavians and Locusta were acustomed to sand, the Locusta seemed to glide through it. Ryn wiped blood from his line of sight, cursing at himself for not paying more attention during the fight with the Sand Newts. In the distance he could barely make out a figure. The Motavian glanced over his shoulder only to find that the Locusta had been joined by a dozen Sand newts. "A decent living.. That's all I ask for, and I get a horse of creatures that wan't to eat me instead?" Ryn stowed his axe in its harness and grasped the collar of his white mantle before increasing his speed. Ryn was about to cast Res upon himself when he felt the urge to save his strength. He growled in frusteration. Not only had the beasts smeared blue blood on his white mantle, but they were gaining on his poistion. Once he was close enough to Zema, he threw up an arm and cast GiThu in hopes to catch the attention of someone. The motavians side began to ache as the last of his TP was spent. The black furred motavian decided that he had run far enough and that if he was going to die, he would die with his axe lodged between the exoskeleton of a Locusta. Ryn slammed his foot into the sand, spun on his heel and released a Warcry, increasing his blood flow and adreniline. Zema was so close by and yet he was unable to make the journy. A pity. Knowing full well that this would be his final battle, Ryn tossed his mantle aside and drew his cherished axe. Eyes glowing red from the suns glare, Ryn charged to his glorious death, his only wish that he could take at least ten of the bloodhungry abominations with him to his grave. =-

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '07, 6:41 pm 
Shina thought long and hard. These disrespectful creatures tormented her, her poor ears. She had been born from the start with them, so far as she knew, why should it be a problem among such a race as this one. She realized the hate they must have for the bio-monsters that attacked them and must have thought she was one of them. She cowered in sorrow for such an ill thought. She knew now that this wasn't a very accepting race and she would not make the same mistake again. But her thoughts were interupted by a loud scream of battle, as she heard SEED tell her about Motavians battle tactics. The yell came from a nearby bunch of bio-monsters. Locusta and sandworms swarmed about a small dark figure wielding a large axe. She quickly took action despite how this other race would treat her. Shina thought inteligently, using a Technique or skill could hit the Motavian, possibly destroying it as well. Her mind raced through her spells and then she cast "Doran!" and rushed to the now slower creatures, with a swipe of her Genocyde claw she immediately tore through a few locusta, then they noticed her. A few of the creatures who couldn't get a swipe at the furry black thing went to attack her. "Saner!" She darted at rapid speeds to avoid them. Then quickly slashed at the huddle of creatures. A clearing, barely thinking she grasped the Motavian and cast "Ryuka!" Teleporting to the only place she had been to. Unfortunately, due to "quick" thinking she only moved herself and the Motavian a few meters to the entrance of the town. But now she had her chance to strike! "Distrupt!" She moved at speeds so high while slashing at the precise moment that every locust fell at once, a small troop of sandworm that were left saw this as an opening and chased at her, but she had vanished, so they dove into the sand.
Shina, using the cover of the bushes lay the black bird-like creature, "well at least this one won't be laughing at my ears," as she looked at his black one's similar to her own, "Rever!"

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '07, 10:38 pm 
-= Light? What was this light before Ryns eyes? He knew for a fact that he had died in battle, so why was he able to see light? No, not light.. A figure! Ryns eyes darted open. He expected to be met with the open mouth of a locusta so he instinctivly rolled to the side. A hand rushed to his brow, checking his wound, but upon contact with his head, his fingers were met with no such wound. Bewildered, Ryn glanced up only to see the silver boots of an unfamiliar female. The motavians eyes continued upward and eventualy gazed upon a young girl with strange horns planted upon her crown. A bio-monster? No. A Bio-monster would have attacked him by now. A human perhapes? No, humans wouldn't help Motavians. Ryns' first thought was to run into what he recognized as Zema, but his gut told him to inquire. The motavian slowly got to his feet so as not to threaten the strange girl. Taking a quick glance behind him to check for the monsters that were so enclined to end his life, and most likely did, Ryn looked the girl in the eyes and spoke. =- "Who...wha..whe...I mean.. I know this is Zema.. but, how am I here?" -= The motavian took another quick glance over his shoulder as if he were expecting the creatures to re-apear and resume their assault. You.. but.. I died. I was dead. I mean.. wasn't I? Ryn checked for his Axe and was quite suprised to find it strapped to its harness on his back. How did you do that? You're.. you're not a monster, are you? Are you a human? And.. what are those things on your head? -= Ryn was dazed and confused. It wasn't every day that a Motavian rises from the grave, after all. =-

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '07, 11:26 pm 
Shina sat and watched, for what seemed like an awful long time for Rever to take effect. But the Motavian began to stir, giving her a small jolt when its blood red eyes shot open. It never reached for its weapon, a good sign, and started to stutter out questions. She simply listened and stared at him. A “how am I here” made its way out of his speech. Before she could answer he looked back nervously. A few more words made their way out into questions. He looked very surprised, and at this point Shina was very curious as to why. Then she remembered, Motavians aren’t the most skilled magic users, he most likely hasn’t even heard of a spell called rever. She noticed he was looking at her head, oh great not her ears again. He didn’t ask anything, but looked very confused. Having that “fantastic” memory she couldn’t explain much of it either. But she did find her time to answer her. “I cast a spell called Rever on you, it re-awakens those who are killed in battle. You are a Motavian, I heard they could only be found in Molcum, which had been recently destroyed.” She wondered if SEED hadn’t known about a second Motavian village.” She told him all of what she knew. “My name is Shina, I came from the nearby Bio-Plant SEED, other than that all I know is I must find The Hunters Guild, to find a fallen piece of Parman spaceships.” She thought about what she said and realized that it was completely unorganized. Truth be told, she didn’t have anything else to say, the Motavian doesn’t need to hear the history of the planet like SEED told her. She uneasily sat and waited for his response.

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