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 Post subject: Phantasy Star IV: Retreat
PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, '09, 12:07 am 
After Alys takes a hit from Zio's Black Energy Wave, she immediately collapses in the middle of battle. Hahn, realizing how dangerous the situation has suddenly become points out the obvious: the heroes are in a heap of trouble here. Rika suggest a retreat, to which Chaz quickly agrees. One technique use later and the group is suddenly outside the fortress in the desert.

One odd thing about this sequence is that the party escapes using either the Hinas technique or an escapipe. Given the sound effect used and the sudden switch of scenery, it has to be one of those two things. However, it's entirely possible to enter this sequence in a way that neither of those can be used. If one never buys any escapipes or uses up all of Chaz's TP (or just keeps him at a low level so he never learns Hinas), how do they escape?


You may view the gallery page for Retreat.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, '09, 11:27 am 
I suppose the only other means of escape would be to jump from a window but they would be quite high up so they have the potential to hurt themselves bad when the land. I dunno, their escape has got me there too. :?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 8, '19, 7:09 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Thoul asks a good question above...just how do they escape??

PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, '19, 12:42 pm 
It's a very good question : how come Zio didn't go after them ??? :(

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