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PostPosted: Thu Sep 3, '20, 10:48 pm 
Hey, hey. Just wanna say I am not non-existent yet :) I have my final final exams coming on and am super busy. But I am thinking about this almost every day ! Will get on it as soon as I get some time to develop sth other than my Uni stuff :3

Oh, and to answer Pitofdespairx_x properly about music, PSIV's music is AWESOME. I wouldn't remove stuff, only add. Like the awesome "unused music track". MAYBE I'll get around on replacing stuff but only as an extra option through game settings. I am only deviating from the main experience for conviniency, not for taste. I wish I had the newest super-expensive RPG Maker that *finally* added layer support. Man, my job would have been so much easier then. But it is too expensive yet :'( If it ever drops to below 50e I might consider it... (layers ! :'( )

PostPosted: Fri Sep 4, '20, 1:24 pm 
Dear Alaster : thank you for the news ! Keep up the good work and good luck for all ! :) :fiery: :clap:

PostPosted: Wed Nov 4, '20, 11:47 am 
Update, update !
Well, nothing too new, just ot say that exams are practically finished, I only have to code a small unity game for a course. So, after that I will be dedicating serious time on this loved project. I expect some time around Christmas it will be taking off. I feel bad for not presenting something more substancial but it has been simply impossible for me to focus on personal projects that involve heavy workload and pc while I had been studying. Still, just to say that this is not dead yet.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, '20, 12:24 pm 
Hang in there, keep it up! I hope you get some great time during Christmas break to work on this. Know that we all love seeIn your updates and we are excited and rooting for you! :happy_marle:

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 8, '21, 4:25 pm 
Still alive and kicking. Sorry for the sparseness, I couldn't muster enough mojo to do much of anything other than Uni assignments. But nothing's changed and my love for this game is still burning strong. The lockdown has been hard on me and I am biding my energies. I am going to get there eventually, though.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, '21, 1:39 pm 
No problem Alaster! Totally understandable, gotta take care of yourself first. I'm delighted to hear the passion is there - you will have your time to blossom and work on this! :-D

PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, '21, 5:57 pm 
Hey Alaster. I did not know this existed but I am very interested in seeing this come about. I would like to support you in some way, however it may only be monetarily. Yet if that will help, I will gladly do so!

PostPosted: Sun May 9, '21, 9:27 pm 
Thank you for the support, guys and gals ! Admittedly, I have been held behind by my University assignments. Thankfully, I am nearing their end. I have just 1 to finish up and get my MSc Diploma !
I am continuing after that.

I am infinitely flattered by your proposal to support me by donation. However, there is no way I could ever agree to that for two main reasons :
o The original work was done by the still existing SEGA ( who still supports an MMO with the same namesake ), even if it was 25 years ago (and because of companies like Disney the copyrights have become an extremely toxic ground to tread upon).
o I am only copying the game.

I *might* consider donations when the job of transferring the game from its 16-bit era to the modern RPG Maker is finished and I would be ready to roll on extra modules for this adventure AND/OR update the game to higher standards ;-)

PostPosted: Sun May 9, '21, 10:03 pm 
Sounds good. Sign me up for that donations bit, too. Would love to help. Would love to be able to make a PSIV side quest using the original assets in your maker, there. Would be so cool.

PostPosted: Sun May 9, '21, 11:07 pm 
I am so glad to hear there are at least a couple of people rooting for this ! :cry: :fiery:

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