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PostPosted: Tue Nov 3, '09, 12:02 am 
After defeating the Igglanova that emerged from Birth Valley, the heroes wonder just what is going on in those caverns. One of the townspeople spouts a warning about a curse from the violation of the sacred caves. Hahn then realizes that Professor Holt is still inside. He is quick to decide to go after the teacher again, but not alone. He turns to Alys to help. With a predatory grin, the lady Hunter promises to keep the price for this excursion to 1000 Meseta. Hahn sweat drops as he realizes his wedding fun is going to Alys' pocket, but doesn't protest the price.


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 3, '09, 4:55 pm 
Never a dull moment when those two are in your party. They always have me in stitches. :rofl: Poor dude pays out a grand total of 1900 meseta in a mere two days. :lol: Hahn is such a lovable geek,not to mention gullible.
Sandworm egg-laying season.... :D And he fell for it. Alys is one crafty vixen.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, '19, 1:46 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

:lol: Gotta love that look on Alys' face!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, '19, 11:37 am 
What a look and what a tragedy for our pooor Hahn ! :lol:

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