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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, '08, 8:01 am 
The third introduction scene of Xing Zhan Qing Yuan displays another Algo city. This one, however, is clearly falling under an evil influence. This is likely Dark Force from the imagery, but it could also be Mother Brain. She didn't have claws, though. In any case, I like the city shown in the second intro scene better. The perspectives used there made it look much less flat than here.


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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, '08, 8:58 am 
It could even be the profound darkness because in its 3rd form it had menacing hands.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, '08, 6:58 am 
Wow, that's spooky! It would make a good Halloween avatar. :wink:

PostPosted: Tue Jan 9, '18, 4:15 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!


PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, '18, 12:10 pm 
This time, we have a great picture from this often awful designing Phantasy Star IV Pirate version ! Superb and terrific :)

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