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PostPosted: Thu Nov 6, '08, 10:00 am 
This is the same scene as "Catching Up," which has the party finding Holt after slaying the boss of the Bio-Plant. The formerly black space to the left of Holt has been filled by Rika, who sports a very different armor design. I have to wonder about the lady's personality in this game. Events in her life are very different. She's already 12 years old instead of 1 and Seed does not explode. It would be interesting to compare and contrast the two versions of Rika.


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PostPosted: Thu Nov 6, '08, 2:19 pm 
These pirate images of Holt...I keep looking at them and thinking 'Karl Marx' for some reason.

Why does it seem that the pirate versions like to mess around with story so much? It's interesting to me and I understand changing things, but some of the changes mentioned in some of these seem as if they're such drastic changes that they're not PSIV anymore in terms of the basic story.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 7, '08, 11:10 am 
Crazy pirate designers why would they make Rika 12? :? I agree with Caged Wolf they definitly messed around with the story and the characters. :bang:

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 7, '08, 5:57 pm 
They had to edit the story to make the game fit on a Famicom sized cart. PSIV's full story would have been much to large for a NES game, even with a lot of cutscenes removed. They also probably wanted to get it finished quickly.

I'm not sure if Seed as we know it even exists in the game - there's no explosion and there is a bank of computers, but I can't tell if Seed speaks.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 7, '15, 11:47 pm 
A different Rika of sorts....what does everyone think of her here?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 8, '15, 12:18 am 
I learned a few months ago (thanks to this site) about the pirate NES version. I agree it is weird to change things like her age. Did they actually try to pass the game as "theirs"? Did they expect no one to notice?

I could more easily understand just doing it for the money and leaving most things the same, of for a warped sense of "creating something", basing everything on an existing game but changing enough so they convince themselves they created something "new".

But this does not seem to be that case, or does it?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, '17, 1:02 pm 
Very strange picture here ! Not that the style is bad, but very awkward ! Especially Rika :)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, '22, 10:07 pm 
Holt needs a shave and Rika looks like she has a Batman or Catwoman outfit on. :lol:

PostPosted: Mon Aug 8, '22, 11:13 am 
A very strange picture here ! ;)

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