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PostPosted: Sun Sep 6, '09, 12:02 am 
Just as the people of Zema begin to believe that their troubles are over, another problem rears an ugly head. Mere minutes after all the citizens and the research team from the Academy were healed from Zio's petrification spell, a horrible creature bursts out of the entrance to Birth Valley. This is an Igglanova, similar to the monster slain by Alys, Chaz, and Hahn in the Academy's basement. This one may be a bit stronger, but with the added strength of Gryz, the heroes are more than a match for it. However, they now know for certain that the secrets hidden in Birth Valley are related to the monster outbreak that threatens Motavia.


You may view the gallery page for Igglanova Returns. This image can also be selected as an avatar from the galleries on the avatar tab of the Member Control Panel.

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