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PostPosted: Sun Oct 4, '09, 12:35 am 
The group here - Alys, Chaz, Hahn, and Gryz - have just been introduced to Seed. They find this quite surprising because Seed is actually an artifical intellegence. They are looking for a person when the introduction is made, only to be told that a massive bank of computers, with monitors and switches, is the "person" that operates and controls the hidden Bio-plant. Their reaction is understandable - how would you react if you met a self-aware computer built a millenia ago?


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PostPosted: Sun Oct 4, '09, 7:43 am 
I reckon if I was put in that situation, I would be quite surprised as well. It would interesting to meet a 1000 year old computer that is far more advanced that the age your currently live in yourself.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 4, '09, 4:00 pm 
Alys doesn't appear to be as stunned as the others,though.Her expression appears somewhat neutral to me.

And Blondie just looks angry as usual.Gives me another reason to dislike him even further. :wink:

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 12:38 am 
In there situation, I would be extremely surprised.

But, they knew how technology was 1000 years ago. They knew people were once "able to sail between the stars".

I would have been surprised but not to an "OMGWTFIHASNOIDEA!? *brain fries*"

And Lyla... you know what? Chaz character DOES seem to be more of a side-character personality. He had his moments that helped him be percieved as a lead character, but overall since his teammates never took him very seriously, it was hard for me to take him seriously... which is why his dramatic scenes seemed out of character for him. At least, that's what I think.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 4, '19, 12:57 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Interesting expressions on all their faces. A good image of the group together.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 4, '19, 12:33 pm 
All the group "photos" are always great in Phantasy Star IV ! But the others drwings are great, too, indeed ! :)

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