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PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 12:35 am 
As one, Rika and Chaz are brought out of their focus on each other by off-panel movement from Rune. The wizard is making his final departure. The couple has just been reunited, but now they must say farewell to one of their closest friends and allies. For them, it is a time of both happiness and sadness.


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 12:57 am 
Chaz: C'mon, Rune! The flight to GenCon's leaving in like five minutes!
Rika: Hurry up or we'll miss the good stuff! =(
Rune: I'm not going. Everyone thinks I'm cosplaying as Lutz.
Chaz: Aren't you?
Rune: No.
Rika: But think of all the Alisa cosplayers!
Chaz: And the Mieu cosplayers, too! You don't want to miss them, do you, Rune?!
Rune: I don't care, you could get Rika to stuff herself into a Mieu costume, I'm not going!
Rika: But... we want you to go.
Chaz: That's it! There's only one way to settle this! Ryuka!

(Somehow, their bodies have become lighter. Pshew-ew-ew-ew.)


Rune: ...I hate you so much, Chaz Ashleigh.
Rika: Yay! Conventions! Six dollar root beers ahoy! ^_^
Chaz: See? We get you to come every year.
Rune: (as Alisa and Mieu cosplayers start swooning around him) I'm closing my eyes, Chaz. You'd better disappear before I open them again.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 1:23 pm 
Chaz : Man after dealing with the Profound Darkness, I'm starving!
Rika : Met too. What's good to eat around here?
Chaz : Well there's a Whitecastle in Piata
Rika : Whitecastle? What's that?
Chaz : Well it's sort of like that bar on Dezolis, only the food is cooked
Rika : Oh! Sounds yummy

::Some time later::

Rika : I think I see it over there! ::points at large white building which gleams in the sunlight. Suddenly there's a large explosing follwed by a mushroom cloud::
Chaz : Oh...right, I left the Landrover running this whole time..... :bang:

PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, '18, 11:17 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

It looks like Chaz and Rika are losing Rune! :cry:

PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, '18, 12:11 pm 
Poor Thray/Rune : he is now very far from them :(

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