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Chapter Three

The New Dawn

We continued climbing the long stairway as the sounds of battle were heard coming from the rooms above. "What do you think Alys? You think Rune's in trouble? Hahn asked as we wound another corner. My mind was stricktly focused on what was ahead. It was sure enough that Rune was fighting something, but... all I had was Chaz on my mind.

At the highest room of the tower Rune was fighting a large beast guarding a mystical object. "Flaeli!" Rune yelled out as he hurled a large blast of fire from his hand. The blast hit the beast, but it appeared to do little to no damage. "Kee, kee, kee" was all the beast said as the smoke cleared from its body. We were approaching fast, but not fast enough. Rune was on his own for the time being.

"Demon spawn of Zio! Remove yourself from this place, and let me take back what is rightfully mine!" Rune shouted as he dodged an attack from the beast. The beast continued its rampage around the room, moving at lightning fast speed. "Damnit!" Rune mumbled as he dodged one of the beasts large talons. The beast continued swiping at him, dodging blow from blow, Rune was beginning to tire.

We came around one last corner, a bright light blinded us as we entered the room. When our vision came to we saw Rune backed into a corner, he was charging up for a strong attack. The beast was coming at him with lightning fast speed. Without thinking we jumped into action. "I gotta make this count!" Rune yelled out as his fist began lighting up. At that moment we made our attack.

Hahn and I slashed at the beasts talons, tearing them from it limbs the beast screamed out in pain. Rune looked stunned as we stood there, I gazed back towards him with a smile. Demi approached Rune and placed her hand firmly on his shoulders, slightly nodding her head as she pointed her gun towards the beast.

"HYAH!!!!!" Gryz screamed out as he jumped behind the beast, lunging his broad axe into the beasts back. Rune stood to his feet, waiting for the attack. With such strength Gryz focused all his power and hurled the beast high into the air. "I call upon the powers of the heavens! From those who mastered this spell before me, grant me your power so I may strike down this demon!"............. "TANDLE!!!" Rune screamed out as he raised his hand.

A powerful blast shot from Rune's body, Demi shot her wave gun towards the beast as well. The two blasts merged together to strike the foe, completely destroying it with ease. When the dust cleared a small glimmer of light floated gently down to Rune's hands. Transforming itself into a magnificent wand.

"Alys.. Thank you. If you hadn't arrived when you did I would of... Wait, where's Chaz at?" He said. My head turned towards the floor, I gripped my fist tightly as I said.. "He's dying." Rune knew what I meant, so without words we quickly made haste for Krup. We parked the landrover just outside town. The doors opened and I rushed out of them as quickly as I could, passing through the gate and making my way towards the Inn.

As the door burst open the innkeeper seemed to of given me hell, but I payed him no mind. I rushed down the hallway and up the stairs, opening the door I stood there as I watched Rika on the floor, crying by Chaz's bedside. "Alys!! Chaz he's.. He's.. Rika cried out for him. I slowly approached the bed, gazing down at him I noticed his breathing had slowed.

"Rune! Please you have to help Chaz." I yelled as he walked into the room. "It's much worse then I imagined. My power isn't enough to remove the black wave from his body." He replied. At that moment Chaz began to mumble, his words were very faint so I got on my knees and moved closer to him. He whispered to me and he made one final breath. "Chaz... Chaz..."


Later that day a funeral service was held for Chaz. Everyone said their prayers for him and as the sun set they left to return to the inn. I stayed at his grave, sitting there I continued to weep. My mind continually focusing on the last thing he said to me.


"Chaz... why did you have to die.. Why couldn't it of been me?" I said as I continued to weep into the night. I could hear footsteps approach me and as I looked up I saw Rika walking towards the grave. "Rika?" I said as she sat next to me. She wiped some tears from her eyes and placed her arm around my shoulders.

Alys, I don't fully understand this feeling, but I know what I feel.. You feel way more. She said to me. "But, I feel it to. I miss him to. But.. without him.. Without all of you.. I would of never been able to experience all the things I have. And I thank you for it." Rika stood to her feet, and returned to the inn. Her words took to my heart, but it wasn't enough for me to forget the pain.

It felt like I had been crying for hours that night. But I had to, I just didn't want to forget Chaz's memory. "Hey." I heard Rune say to me. I turned around and saw him gazing up at the night sky. Standing to my feet I walked to him, and gazed at the island in the distance. "Are you okay?" He asked me. I couldn't say a word, I just nodded my head slightly.

"Well its okay. You take all the time you need. Never forget the time that you had with him. He said as he stepped closer to me. "He'll always be in your heart. And no one can take the memory of him away from you as long as you keep that memory alive." I turned towards him and looked into his eyes as he looked down at me. They were filled with sadness much like mine.

"Rune... thank you.." Was all I said as I wrapped my arms gently around him. He embraced me with his and I felt at peace for the first time that night. We gazed at the Grand Cross in the sky, I felt as if Chaz was looking down at us, watching us, protecting us, as the battle with Zio was coming closer.

Chapter Three End
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