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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, '08, 3:51 am
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Chapter Two

Search For Rune and the Tower

The night had ended and Chaz's condition took a turn for the worse. It was to much for me to take, grabbing my slashers off of the table I made my way towards the door of our room. "There has to be something we can do." Gryz said. He was standing against the wall, his body slanted a bit, arms crossed. I tilted my head slightly to look back, Hahn was looking through medical records he had from Piata Academy stored away in his home. "I don't understand. There has to be some cure for this." Hahn said angrily, throwing the notes across the room.

Although they had not known Chaz as long as I have it seemed they all formed a family bond with him. "Rune.." I mumbled to myself, glancing up at the ceiling fan of our room. Rika's ears twitched like a rabbit. "Rune? Who's that?" Rika asked. Hahn slammed his hands down on the table, suprising everyone. "He's an insensitive jerk. But he does seem to have alot of knowledge about this dark power." He said. Gryz turned slightly, looking out the window into the town. "I heard stories, that Father Dorin and Rune go back many years. If I remember correctly they sealed some mystical item in a far away tower across the sandpools." Gryz explained.

I had heard stories of this from Rune once. "And after we finished climbing the tower we sealed away the mystical item of my homeworld, hoping it would never be used again. But lately I've been feeling uneasy, its like something is coming." I remember Rune saying one time he visited me at home in Aiedo a few months ago. "We have to find Rune.. But theres no way we'll be able to pass the sandpools." I said, knowing that Rune was our only hope in saving Chaz's life. Demi stood to her feet, closing the panel on her gauntlet. "We should take the landrover, it can cross even the deepest of sandpools with ease." She said with that quiet android voice of hers.

"....... This was the first time I had ever heard of such a machine called a landrover. Could a machine really travel over the dangerous sandpools and not sink in the process? Such a machine was unimaginable. But this was our only hope in saving his life....."

I raised my hand, forming it into a fist. For a long time I had lost all hope, but now things were different. Alright, lets find this landrover and look for Rune." I said with hope filled in my voice. Everyone nodded their heads, I could see it in their eyes also. The slight glimmer of hope that everything was going to be alright. After checking our inventory we made our way down the hallway, passing the room Chaz was in. "Rika.. Can you do me a favor?" I said, not turning around to look at her. "Can you please.. Stay here and watch after him for me?" I asked, not wanting to put Rika in any more danger.

"Are you sure Alys?" She asked me. I continued looking forward, Hahn and Gryz were looking back at us waiting. "Yes, you two became close in the small amount of time after we found you. I think it would keep his mind off the pain if he had a familiar face staying with him." I said as I began walking, not looking back. Rika did not say anything to me, but the door closing behind us was good enough for me. Knowing that she would stay by his side was enough to keep me going. "Lets go." I said as I passed by the two, heading out into the streets of Krup where Demi awaited us.

"The layout of Motavia has changed in the last few hundred years. If I'm correct from our current position the hanger should be a few miles south." Demi said, scouting the surrounding area for familiar objects. With that said we made our way south of Krup, looking for the hanger that housed the landrover. After awhile of walking I slowed my pace, and began walking beside Gryz. "You've travelled this land a bit right? Have you seen anything that looks like a hanger this way?" I whispered to him. He glanced at me, slightly shaking his head. "Your guess is as good as mine. I've never heard of anything about a machine that could travel across sand before." He whispered back.

I looked up ahead, noticing a few tree's surrounding a area that was now a empty oasis. Demi was continually messing with buttons on her gauntlet as we approached the dried out oasis. "Theres nothing out here but a empty...." Hahn said before he was interupted by the ground shaking. The shaking began to increase, quakes were quite common this time of year, but I never felt one like this before. "There, the doorway to the hanger is open. Lets hurry." Demi said, her small body began disappearing into the ground. Hahn, Gryz and myself ran to catch up to her, noticing she had gone down a large rampway underneath the ground.

We decended the long rampway, eventually coming into what appeared to be a large storage facility. Looking down I noticed a large machine pass the railing. "So thats a landrover?" I said, I was still in shock. "I've never seen anything as large as that.. This is truely amazing." Hahn said. It seemed like he had stars in his eyes from the magnificance of the machine itself. Gryz walked next to me, looking down at the machine himself. "So this is what we've come here for. So, after all these years does it still work?" He asked, Demi replying only with a slight nod of her head. This was it, with this ray of hope we were ready to head out to new areas of Motavia. "Alright! Lets get going. We don't have much time so lets search for Rune!" I said, the landrover began rising from the hanger as we readied ourselves.

Chapter Two End
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