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Worldship side view (Very Small)

Worldship side view (Very Small)

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 2, '10, 12:06 am 
See that little speck that you can just barely make out? That is a world ship used to escape the destruction of Palma, similar to the Alisa III. It was part of the same fleet. This could even been the Alisa III itself, or the Neo Palm, another ship of the fleet. This tiny version of the world ships is shown during the cutscene explaining the fleet's history. The perceived size is more a matter of distance than smallness. This ship was really far away from the viewer.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 2, '10, 4:35 am 
Wow, I had to adjust my eyeglasses to even see it as it is so small there. I would've never known what it was if I hadn't read your post first. :wink:

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