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PostPosted: Tue Mar 8, '11, 12:02 am 
The second, and final, page of Sega Video Game Illustrations to feature Phantasy Star II looks at some of the character artwork. An anonymous SEGA illustrator expresses regret in the quality of his work. Hitoshi Yoneda's cover artwork from the rear cover of the game is also displayed, along with a short note of how his artwork influenced the package design. Elsewhere on this page, we get a new name for the setting of the game as the Algo star system is dubbed "Argos."

PostPosted: Tue Mar 8, '11, 2:00 pm 
Thoul wrote:Elsewhere on this page, we get a new name for the setting of the game as the Algo star system is dubbed "Argos."

It’s interesting because “Argos” was the birth city of Perseus.

In Saint Seiya (a Japanese animation about mythology, specially the Greek one), there was a character that was named “Argol” a name that everyone knew it came from “Argos” (Ἄργος). However it was later discovered that “Argol”, in this case, was an inaccurate translation from the Japanese word “Algol". So, Argos -> Argol -> Algol… It is possible we are presenting a similar case here.

By the way, Algol, “the medusa’s eye” has very interesting aspects (most of them already pointed out in this site’s encyclopedia). For instance, Algol gets weak (it loses about 50% of its shining power) for 3 days, but after that it recovers again. In Phantasy Star the Algol Star System gets week every thousand years…

The Arabian astrologists from the past called it Rā's al Ghūl (رأس الغول, the Ghoul’s head). On maps from XVII century the star is frequently labeled as “Caput Larvae” (The ghost’s head or the ghoul’s head), and now just “Caput Algol” (the daemon’s head or the ghoul’s head).

While to Hebrews it was “Rosh ha Satan” (The Satan’s head) and, in other traditions “Lilith”, to Greeks it was definitely “the Medusa's head”. Curiously, all three cases are directly related to snakes.

Another curiosity is that "al Ghūl" was also the origin to the name Alcohol (Algol, Alcol). Algol’s reputation is not very good since they call it the "most malign star from the skies" (We should thank Dark Force for that).

PostPosted: Tue Mar 8, '11, 8:43 pm 
Hm, that's very interesting! I remembered hearing "Argos" in some connection with Greek history, so I did a quick search last night and saw that it was a city. I study it enough to see the Perseus connection then, but that's very nice to know. The Saint Seiya thing is most intriguing, too. Maybe the same translators worked on Saint Seiya and Phantasy Star. :lol:

Thanks for that informative post, newsblade! :D

PostPosted: Wed Mar 9, '11, 9:01 pm 
I agree, lots of very interesting facts you've given us there! Thanks, newsblade! :yes:

I didn't know that about alcohol, and didn't know a lot of the other things mentioned either. Very interesting.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 7, '20, 11:39 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Another look at Nei and some other images from "Sega Video Game Illustrations".

PostPosted: Sun Nov 8, '20, 6:59 pm 
Very nice Phantasy Star II character art!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 9, '20, 10:29 am 
This character art is so great ! :) :clap:

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