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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, '14, 1:55 am 
Hukos wrote:No, it didn't.

Quote:I've played PS2 plenty of times, more than you probably think I have.

Quote:You're also being pedantic and childish in an attempt to discredit PSIV.

Quote:It's also more accessible than previous games but I suppose accessibility is a bad trait to you, eh?

Quote:I'm used to playing the PSI translation patch which includes the superior FM audio along with a much smoother translation, hence why I use "Alissa" over "Alis".

Quote:You're spouting childish nonsense here, stop it.

Quote:Seriously? Again, you're acting childishly in a vain attempt to hold onto some kind of nostalgic attachment to PSII.

Quote:That's an absolutely ridiculous notion.

Quote:You have an absolutely unhealthy obsession with PSIV to make it seem like it destroyed the franchise (Protip: It didn't)

Quote:General rule of debate demands the person making the claim to back up their supposition with evidence, not the one you're arguing with. You made the claim, you post the evidence.

Quote:I haven't taken anything personally in this, and neither should you. It's the internet after all.

Quote:Plenty of things appeal to a young target audience. Plenty of critically acclaimed pieces of literature appeal to a young target audience. I read the novel To Kill a Mockingbird when I was really young, and I'd say it's much deeper than PSIII is, despite the book targeting me at a young age.

Quote:It can certainly be criticized. Hell, anything can be criticized (I criticize The Beatles all the time!) And someone could like it less than PSIII, but I wouldn't take that opinion seriously unless backed up by some credible opinions.

Quote:As for your final point, I'm not at all angry (Oh man, someone on the internet disagrees with me, HE MUST BE RAGED). The reasoning in your final point just seems to be senseless meandering with the final conclusion that PSIV ruined everything (Which I counter with your nostalgia goggles). You can like PSIII all you like and hate PSIV all you want at the end of the day, but I find your reasoning silly.

That discussion had already spoiled the thread because of your insistence in posting here, because just the fact that you feel the need to post answers that are not worthy to anybody else and whose sole purpose is to present yourself in a superior light and the person you are "discussing" with in an inferior light. If my reasoning is silly, you don't do any reasoning at all, you just try to make the person you are arguing with look like an idiot, as it can be clearly seen in everything I quoted.

Other than that, your arguments about Nei and RIka have no grounds in the games, it is something you came up with, you didn't address the fact that Rolf is never said to be a chosen one, only a descendant of Alis, you blatantly said that you can interpret the game any way you want (so nobody can say you misunderstood it, but you keep saying I misunderstood it) and you put many random sentences to show a "cultural elitism" and that are completely out of place because they show you didn't even understand the points I was arguing, or unwanted because it follows the rule "what I like is inherently good and what I dislike is inherently bad, not a matter of tastes".

So, it may be internet, it may be a discussion forum, but I am not discussing with people who don't show any reasoning, argues by attacking and discrediting the author and is only concerned in looking smart. If you can't accept criticism to PSIV (you twist every point of criticism as if it were something good and the person complaining about that is an idiot), you shouldn't even pretend you are discussing it.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, '14, 6:43 am 
Hi everyone,

This thread seems to be getting a little out of hand, so we're going to stop it here.

Moderator, Fringes Of Algo

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