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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, '07, 8:03 am 
Well, I haven't played a whole lot of PSIII, but I think I'll join just for the hell of it. Reconize the last name? And Headband. PLOT TWIST! And technically, I'm not breaking the rules... >_>
Name: Trent Terrace
Race: Elurian
Techs: Heal
Skills: Final Strike (Twelve Combo Attack),
Training: Dagger, Boots
Age: 15
Height: 5'6
Weight: 121lbs
Hair: Black Hair, short back, medium front, messy
Eyes: Emerald Green
Clothing: Dirty white shirt, fairly long white cloak, silver belt which
appears too big, White pants, white boots under pants.
Accessories: photo of great grandparents and parents
"I've taught you all I can for now. You're growing into a fine young man Trent. You're parents would be proud, as well as you're grandparents," An old man with strange ears said to Trent. "Thank you!" Trent replied. The old man smiled and said, "I think you are ready to go forth and be on your own. I am bound to this world not much longer. For you see, although I have lived for the past 100 years I simply do not have enough life in me. Therefore I give you my headband. You may remember the tales I told you of my planet Edagura, this is simply a headband I recieved from my father." Trent took the head band and looked at the marking on it. "What does it say?" "It simply says Hope, it's meaning is quite significant you know." Trent looked at the old man with a confusing look."You'll understand one say Trent." Trent gave a nod and said, "Thank you sensei." "Please, don't call me that. Your parents, and you're grandparents were great friends of mine. As are you. So please, call me Typhus."

There. Good ol' Typhus came in afterall!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, '07, 4:39 am 
That absolutely settles it! Marina decided. Tonight, I'll get some sleep- tomorrow, I'm headed towards the spheres. Of course...

Again, she glanced at her knife. You'll need new equipment- a better knife, some more Dimates, maybe armor. Allies wouldn't hurt, too.

"There she is!" "We found her!"

Marina suddenly tensed, her eyes widening in shock. Damn! Of all the times...

Two soldiers, each clad in gleaming chestplates, entered the inn and approached Marina. "Princess Marina," one of them said, his voice low and unpleasant. "We're under orders to bring you back to Galaen."

"Princess Jelina and King Emer command it," the other added.

A bit startled, Marina gripped her knife. "Look, I know you two mean well, but... I'm deadset on this. I'm finding Kane."

"Look, I know you want to find him just as much as everyone else," the first soldier said. "But, he's a big man. He can take care of himself."

"Princess, please. Come back to Galaen. Your father has a nice suitor to introduce you to-"

"No!" Marina shouted, attracting some attention from the patrons. "I'm not going back just to meet some prince whom Father thinks will make me forget about Kane!"

"Very well, then," the first guard said, as they both drew their swords. Marina immediately unsheathed her dagger as he continued, "It is a sad day when we must take up arms against our own princess... but, your father demands your return home."

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, '07, 4:47 am 
"Simple enough" I thought to myself. Confuse rabbits are weak, they never stood a chance for what I was about to unleash. I raised my dagger, closing my eyes only to concentrate. The wind picked up a bit, and I called out the words, "Leaf Slash".

It appeared my body had vanished to the confuse rabbits, but in reality i had only increased my speed to make it look like I had disappeared. I quickly ran behind one of them, slashing it in the back, it fell towards the ground. To the rabbits it seemed like I disappeared and reappeared behind one of them, slashing and disappearing again only to leave what seemed to them a gust of leaves.

I repeated my action three more times, wiping out each and every last one of them. I looked around after the last one was slain, I was back at the crossroad. "Damnit, they made it where I ended up back here." I thought to myself

The yells of the child could be heard coming from the cliff once again. "Damn, I'm taking to long to get there, if I don't hurry then..." I said. I quickly placed my dagger back in its sheath on my side, I decided to run straight up the hill instead of following the path. "Its always quicker to go a straight line." I thought to myself as I began climbing.

Climbing up the hillside there were large birds flying everywhere, the large object that crashed here a few years ago could be seen on one of the other major parts of the mountain. I stopped for a moment, hanging on the ledge with one arm.

"Maybe I should head there tomorrow." I thought to myself as I stared blankly towards the object. I heard the boys yells once again, I shook my head, returning my attention towards the goal, to save the boy from the debree up the mountain.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, '07, 5:36 am 
"So, sen- Typhus, what were my parents like?" Trent said. Typhus looked at Trent, "They were alot like your grandparents." Trent replied instantly, "That sure tells me a whole lot." Typhus just smiled. "I have something I want you to do for me Trent. Remember the stories I told you of your great grandparents and their adventures?" Trent thought a moment and said, "Yeah." "Well, I want you to go out and get me a few things. THink of it as your own adventure like something your great grandparents would do. Here is a list." Typhus handed Trent a list. "Most of these items are rare here Typhus." "I know. But you see, they make a cure of all cures. A cure called Nyoro N." "Nyoro N..."

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 1, '07, 5:42 am 
Marina lunged at the nearest soldier, grunting with frustration as he easily parried her knife away. Undeterred, she opened her hand and launched a Foi shot at him.

The fireball hit its mark, sending the soldier to the tavern's floor screaming. The second soldier shouted a universal expletive and charged Marina.

Okay, Marina... think how Father and Kane taught it. Just let it come to you...


Marina slashed the second soldier as he dashed past. He screamed in horror as his sword arm was neatly severed from his shoulder. Blood spewed everywhere in the tavern, sending the patrons and barmaid running for their lives. The burned soldier staggered to his feet and helped his comrade escape.

"Your father will hear well of this, you spoiled brat!"

Marina was now alone in a tavern that looked like a vat of stroganoff had exploded in it. I... I cut his arm right off, she thought as she stared at her knife. Even I know you can't cut through bone and sinew with this kind of knife... not in one slash.

Then it dawned on her- she had mastered one of the skills her father had known.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, '07, 5:39 am 
Name: Klag Trune
Race: Cyborg
Techs: (Heal/Order/Time/Melee) (If your Orakian you don't get techs,you only get 1 so chose wisely)
Skills: Recover x12 , Double shot x4
Equips: Guns

Physical Description:

Age: 197
Height: 6"3
Weight: 497 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Clothing: Metalic armor plating from head to toe. No clothing
Accessories: None


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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, '07, 5:50 am 
-= The Cyborg continued to process the images of the battle before his optics. Logic dictated for him to assist the group, but he knew that in doing so, he would be overstepping his boundries. Satsified that the rebelious fighers had finished with thier battle, Klag rose from the shurbbery he had been hiding in, making his presance known so as not to pose himself as a threat. He aproached the combatants in hopes that he could aid them in their endevours. His optics met with the eyes of who he assumed was the leader, Vahn. =- You're team has flaws that I could fill. I am Klag, a Cyborg designed for combat. I can't help but sense that your objectives are just and as such, I would like to accompany you.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, '07, 8:32 am 
Name: Sorami Dahl
Race: Cyborg
Techs: Time-Shiza
Skills: Time-shift, Rejuvenate, Amplify+__.
Equips: Steel Clawx2, Steel Vest, Hunting Ribbon, Force Boots
Age: 80
Remaining Meseta: 26

Physical Description: A black Mieu.

Height: 6'
Weight: 160
Hair: Black/Very Dark Blue
Eyes: Deep Blue
Clothing: Dark: Tightsuit, Long Gloves, High Boots
Accessories: 1 Necklace, containing a beautiful Amethyst

Sorami crawled shakily out of the fallen vessel. Time-shift isn't as easy as it sounded when focusing on more than just her own systems. Using the remaining power, she scanned the area for signs of significant life. She found nothing but a few traces of ship fuels, apparently a habitable planet yet no sign of civilization for miles. She figured out the ships destination was to the east and steadily made use of the ship parts for extra meseta when she reached the city or whatever it was. She smoothly glided over the deserted floor of the planet following spacious trails with no effort to conceal the flight path. She would speed up at times, detecting tiny bits of life in the surroundings and didn't want to be attacked while carrying ship parts. The path was straight, no bumps, or hills for at least a mile in every direction, she considered herself lucky to have landed in such a clear space, with the ship trails being so recent she was bound to be discovered and would hitch a ride in the next cruiser to come along. If she was so lucky as to come across one, her journey would not change, determined to discover what was chasing her back at her original post, she couldn't stop thinking about it, long enough to miss the cruiser that had flown overhead, landing several meters away. She stopped in time to catch herself before getting to close to a perhaps hostile opponent. When the landing door opened she readied herself for the creature within...

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, '07, 10:27 am 
-= The Cyborg shot his head to the left, picking up on an extremely faint artifical life form. He had to check trice to make sure that it wasn't a glitch. The object was at least twenty kilometers away. Curious, Klag turned to face the reading, ignoring the party before him. Klag began processing the reading he took while proceeding in the direction of the artifical lifeform. Could it be another cyborg? He was picking up some organic life signs within the lifeform, so it was quite possible. Maybe he wasn't the only one of his kind left on this nameless planet. Klag quickly picked up speed and eventualy started running. He ran past the town gates and morphed into a submpersable once he neared water. As he grew closer to the lifeform, the readings grew stronger and he was able to gather slightly more data. There was no doubt about it now. The lifeform was definatly a cyborg. If he had emotions, he would probobly have been happy. Klag surfaced only to find himself sorounded by sand. It took a good moment for Klag to get his bearings and to morph back into his humanoid figure. Klag took a moment to process his data before his optics took notice of a speck moving on the horizon. His artificial zoom magnified the image that moved in the distance. A bio-monster? But what was the structure that it stood in front of? And why was it there? Klag was about to run a few more scans when his view was cut off by a rappy. How typical. Klag took aim and unloaded a round of hunting shot into the base of the rappys skull, knocking the small birds head off. =-

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, '07, 3:50 pm 
ok its been awhile since i came back here... and im a little confused, my guy was scaling a cliff to save a kid.. everythings all turned around lol.. i might rejoin this if i can get snorb to come back.

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