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 Post subject: Phantasy Star III RP
PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, '07, 5:01 am 
ok i didn't know where to put this so i'll just put it on this board. Me and snorb talked about it and he thought it be a good idea to make the story take place from where my fanfic left off, so the story takes place 4 years after Adan's story ended on PSIII. The planet is called Eluria. Lets have fun shall we, below is what you need to do to start RPin with us.

Name: (You can have a first and last name it doesn't matter)
Race: (Orakian, Layan, Orakian/Layan, Cyborg, Elurian)
Techs: (Heal/Order/Time/Melee) (If your Orakian you don't get techs,you only get 1 so chose wisely)
Skills:(You can make up your own but have no more than 3 skills plz) (Since PSIII only used healing techs and offensive techs were kind of worthless I put this here so it'll make the RP seem more interesting.)
Equips: (Weapons, Armor, Helmet types trained in- Males use Shields, females use Emels?) (Each person starts off with a dagger and boots if your orakian and layan) (If your a cyborg you start off with a claw or gun depending on sex and a vest/protector)

Physical Description:


(Each person starts off with 2000m to buy new equipment at the town they are in.)

Heres mine

Name: Vahn
Race: Elurian
Techs: Heal
Skills: Leaf Slash
Training: Dagger, Boots
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Weight: 139lbs
Hair: Blue hair, short in back,long and thin in front
Eyes: Green
Clothing:Tunic, Dark blue cloak, black pants, brown boots
Accessories: None

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, '07, 5:58 am 
Quick errata- all female cyborgs are also trained to use Boots, in addition to Claws and Vests. I KNEW I forgot something (^_^;

Name: Marina
Race: Elurian
Techs: Melee
Skills: Flurry
Training: Daggers, Boots
Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: White, goes down to her waist
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Black shirt, gray vest, long gray skirt, black boots
Accessories: Red lipstick
Inventory: 1720 MES, Knife (RHand), Boots (Feet), Dimate, Dimate

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, '07, 9:28 pm 
we'll try this as soon as we get at least two to three more people joined in...

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, '07, 12:38 am 
I don't know how to play or what town we're in and I'm not sure what "Training" is, so please correct me.

Name: Jagr
Race: Orakian (male)
Techs: none
Training: Swords
Age: 35
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 235lbs
Hair: short, dark
Eyes: brown
Clothing: Silver and black

buy Monomate x 5 [-50]
buy Antidote x 3 [-30]
buy Sword (if I'm in Hazatak. If not; Short Sword) [-510 (or -260)]
sell knife [+50]

Meseta: 1460 (1710 if not allowed Sword)

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, '07, 6:04 am 
Al: Sure, you can use a Sword- you don't have to be in Hazatak, though. The Alisa III found a new world- you can be anywhere. ^_^

Training is what a character can equip (example from the games, Adan can use Knives, Swords, Needle Guns, Shields, Armor, Helmets, and Boots.) Human characters are automatically trained in Daggers and Boots, male cyborgs are trained in Guns and Protectors, female cyborgs are trained in Claws, Vests, and Boots. Characters can pay Meseta to get new equipment training once we can all figure out how much is enough. This is what happens when you don't think things through first x_X

Neways, let's play, kupo! ^_^x

Marina had no choice- she had to hide, and hide fast.

She never should have visited the port town of Modian, but it was her best lead- she had heard rumors that her beloved, a knight from Ampac, managed to find his way there.

How? she wondered as she slipped into building marked "Wayfarer's Inn- only 5 Meseta a night!" How did they find me so soon? ...I'll bet Jelina told them I was coming here.

She mentally cursed- Jelina, the younger princess of Galaen, never harbored much fondness for her older sister.

Just stay calm, Marina, she forced herself. Go on in, go to the bar, buy a drink, and relax. You're not going to find Kane if you get dragged back home.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, '07, 6:20 am 
"What time is it?"Vahn thought to himself as the sun shined brightly through his window. He threw his blanket over his head as the roosters outside continued to crow. "Alright alright already I'm awake!" He yelled out as he threw his blanket off of him. Vahn stretched a bit, trying to wake himself up. Although it was already past noon Vahn was never a early waker.

"There sure have been alot of people coming and going since that large object crashed here a few years ago." Vahn thought to himself. Changing out of his sleeping clothes he put on his tunic. After getting his clothes set right he strapped his dagger around his waste.

"So much debree is still here, even after all these years." Vahn thought to himself. He walked towards the door, grabbing his cloak off the wall. He wrapped it around him as he walked outside. "Vahn! Vahn! Come quick!" a young man yelled as he ran towards Vahn's house.

"What is it Ken?" Vahn asked. The man knelt for a moment trying to catch his breath. "My son... he's... he's.. caught in some of... some of the debree up the... the mountain.." Ken said continuing to catch his breath. "Where are the rest of the villagers at?" Vahn asked.

Ken pointed towards south, away from the mountain. "They decided to clear some of the debree down near the stream so our water supply will increase." he said. Vahn nodded his head, he allowed Ken to walk inside his house to rest for a few moments. "I'll get him back, you just wait here." Vahn said. He began running towards the north mountain, his cloak flyin in the small breeze.

"Same old stuff, that boy always gets into trouble." Vahn thought to himself as he followed the path north. "Nothing new ever happens in Tial, its the same stuff day in and day out." He continued to think as he ran.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, '07, 5:54 am 
"Here you go, ma'am- one steak, some potatoes, and a glass of tea." The barmaid placed the plate of food down before Marina, smiling. "Twenty-five Meseta, please."

Nodding, Marina reached into her money pouch and pulled out two coins. "Here you go," she said, offering the coins to the barmaid. "Please, keep whatever's left over."

The barmaid nodded and put the payment in the cash box, then headed off to tend to another patron. As she ate, Marina sighed, trying her best not to think of her situation.

This all probably started around the time those spheres appeared in the sky four years ago, she thought. All those people getting off, moving their towns... they look just like us!

Then something happened to you last year, Jelina... you changed. You used to be so nice. What happened? And Kane... my dear, dear, Kane- you left four months ago to investigate those spheres... Did something happen to you?

Half of her meal was gone now, and the princess sighed again. That has to be it, she eventually decided. Those spheres are why you haven't come back, Kane. And they're why Jelina's acting so different.

[Meseta Lost: 50]

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, '07, 3:25 am 
You know, I'm thinking of joining this but I want to use good ol' Typhus Cole... but can't so that makes me sad... I had a great idea too... Well... I may still join this sometime... maybe...

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, '07, 5:39 am 
The Tial mountain path was confusing. Turns everywhere I looked. One could be trapped up here for days even with a map. A faint cry for help could be heard from the top of the mountain. "Damn! He's to far up there." I thought to myself as I hurried along the path.

I came to a crossroad. "Should I go left,or right?" I said to myself. I picked a coin from out of my pocket. "Alright if its heads I go left, if its tails I go right." I thought to myself. I tossed the coin high, it quickly fell towards me as I caught it. "Alright heads, I go left." I said.

I put the coin back into my pocket, and hurried along the western path. Many more paths lied ahead of me, trees and giant rocks everywhere up the mountain path. I ran along the western path for a decent twenty minutes before noticing something.

"Wait! This tree.. Damnit I'm lost!" I yelled out. I had been going in circles, I turned hoping to backtrack a bit only to find that the path was gone. "Huh? I don't get this.." I thought to myself. Something could be heard in a shrub close by. I readied my dagger.

Out of the shrub hopped a family of confuse rabbits. I sighed. "Now I get it, these little guys have been using their weird powers to confuse me as some kind of joke." I thought to myself. Confuse rabbits may seem harmless at first glance, but they can be a terrible monster if cornered. I had no choice, I readied my dagger for combat.

The confuse rabbits got scared, although I don't understand why they would be scared of me. Four against one, these things also the size of most cattle, it was weird though. They began using their confusing powers once again, I covered my mouth with my cloak, prepared for combat.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, '07, 5:34 am 
Marina looked at the horizon through the inn's window as she continued eating. Those spheres... That settles it, she thought. I have to go to those spheres. But...

Looking down at her belt, Marina saw her knife, seated in its sheath. All I have is a knife and some Dimates. I'll have to train- learn how to use this knife, hone my Techs, and learn all the secret skills Father knows.

She sighed, wondering how her father was holding up. Of course you've noticed I'm gone by now. Are you going to be mad at me when I return, Father?

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