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Carbon Shield

Carbon Shield

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 6, '12, 12:09 am 
Male members of Rolf's travelling company in Phantasy Star II have the ability to use large shields. The Carbon Shield, pictured in this illustration from the game manual, is the weakest male shield available. It is only slightly more protective than the ladies' Carbon Emel, which is the least protective shield overall. Unlike the tiny emel, this item at least looks like it could block several strong blows from a biomonster's claws without risking harm to the user's hand.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 6, '12, 3:27 am 
Rudo: I am not using this.
Kain: Th's crazy talk, Rudo! It might save yer life sumday!
Rudo: Look, Kain, I know you mean well. Guys like us can use shields no problem. And I know you don't use one because you don't like shields, but I gotta ask you this: How the hell do I use a shotgun and a shield at the same time?
Kain: Ya don' 'cause tha's stupid talk. Usin' a shotgun an' a shield at th' same time, thas' super stupid.
Rudo: Exactly.
Hugh: (is holding two Carbonfiber Shields) How about Rolf? He can use these-
Rolf: (is waving a huge sword around) Hey guys, check out my new two-handed sword! Shields are for wusses~!
Amy: Oh, swoon.
Shir: XD
Anna: Gotta agree with the man there.
Hugh: ;_;

PostPosted: Thu Mar 3, '22, 9:47 pm 
Bumping up this former Image of the day!

The carbon shield! Even weak it is better than no protection at all, right???

PostPosted: Fri Mar 4, '22, 12:43 pm 
Better to have a shield than none ! :fiery:

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