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 Post subject: Phantasy Star III: Crys
PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, '11, 12:03 am 
In the midst of fierce combat, Crys draws his sword from the scabbard tucked into the back of his belt. The son of Sari and Ayn looks thrilled to have found a good fight on the snowy fields of Frigidia. His foe is in for a lot of pain this round of battle.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, '11, 7:29 am 
Ah, my other favorite Ozaki pic! Get 'em, Crys!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, '11, 6:39 pm 
Cool pic! In my opinion this work actually tells more about Crys' character than the game itself :) I like how Ozaki captures the energy and intensity of Ayn's and Sari's son who appears to be the most passionate fighter in the game. He is probably my favorite 3rd generation char (I can't decide between him and Sean). As far as his opponent is concerned, I definitely don't want to be him.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 6, '21, 8:44 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of the Day!

Crys is ready for battle!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 7, '21, 12:11 pm 
A great picture ! This version of Crys is so good ! :fiery: :clap:

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