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Slime in Cavern

Slime in Cavern

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, '11, 12:00 am 
Deep within a dark cavern, Rudo encounters a monster described as a "big slime." It appears to be yet another variation of the amoeba family from Phantasy Star II. Another new member of this monster group appeared during the story of Kain's text adventure.

The monster is a nice connection to Phantasy Star II, but the cavern itself is of greater interest here. Rudo's home town, which is not far from this cave, is named Mahal. Before Rudo enters the cave, it is described as former training ground of a famous psionicist, a term for one who harnesses the power of the mind. Another term for that would be telemental, which the famous Lutz uses to describe himself in Phantasy Star II. Back in Phantasy Star, Lutz was training in a cave called Maharu when recruited by Alis. Maharu is similar to Mahal, right? Well apparently, those names have the same spelling in the original Japanese: マハルの. Now with all that in mind, look at the walls and ceiling of this room. Anyone familiar with Phantasy Star should instantly notice that the visual design of this room is based on the dungeons of the former. The two columns, barely visible at the rear here, are similar to a less pronounced feature of Lutz's training room that was not common to most dungeon areas.

Add it all up and we can come to the conclusion that Rudo might be exploring the Maharu dungeon of Phantasy Star, perhaps even standing in the same place Alis and Odin stood when first meeting Lutz.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, '11, 12:54 am 
I'm totality impressed with all these PS1 links! And yes, "ru" can be "r" or "l" in Japanese so "Maharu" and "Mahal" are the same thing.

I wonder what's the nearest town that appears appears in PSII, so I could locate in PSII map this "Mahal region".

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, '11, 1:03 am 
I haven't finished the game just yet, but so far I've not seen any other PSII towns mentioned in it. Mahal village is wiped out by a biomonster attack at the beginning, so I'm not sure if there will be any details on the location given later in the game.

The Text Adventures tend to use a very different map for the world, anyway. Rudo and Anna both trek through desert areas in AW 1281-1282, but there's no desert in PSII.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, '11, 1:06 pm 
The game has this to say about the big slime: "This kind of biomonster is best described as a gelatinous amoeboid." (Which is fairly obvious, but I thought it might be useful information to post.)

After killing it: "The slime’s remains splattered all over the floor and soon evaporated." (Eww.)

I loved the connection to Lutz in Rudo's text adventure. The entire adventure is among the more challenging of the PSII text games, and it kind of surprises me that they chose Rudo's game to be more about wits than brawn. Actually, I like that as well. Maybe they were making a point about Rudo being clever and resourceful, which you think would be handy in his later career as a hunter.

I find the tone of the game to be a bit imbalanced, starting and ending with the tragedy of his family, yet the middle being humorous and mystical in places, even breaking the fourth wall when you look at the membership card. I still don't know what to think of Rudo playing the harp, either. It almost seems like a joke as well. That said, his game overall has one of the more coherent plots of the series, and the effort to include Motavians (as in Anna's game as well) is appreciated.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 5, '21, 12:57 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!


PostPosted: Mon Apr 5, '21, 1:47 pm 
Nice one ! :)

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