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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, '11, 12:08 am 
At the age of eleven, Rolf was a cocky kid thanks to his exceptional skill with a sword. One night, he heard of a master swordsman who was visiting a training hall near Rolf's home, a Paseo orphanage. After a quick fight with the training hall's instructor, Rolf met the travelling swordsman, who gave his name as O'Conner. Eager to test his skills, Rolf engaged O'Conner in a match, only to find himself very outmatched. Rolf would soon leave Paseo to master the sword well enough to defeat O'Conner.

Those with a good memory of Phantasy Star II might notice some similarities between O'Conner and a character in that game. That's because they are one in the same. O'Conner is actually the Commander, Rolf's future boss.

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