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Kiith Flower

Kiith Flower

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 4, '11, 12:00 am 
Once Hugh reaches the reactor room under Kvarts Academy, he finds it dominated by the massive Kiith Flower. The Crazy Wire tentacles, thicker than Hugh's own waist, that the scientist encounters a few rooms before this are just one small portion of the plant. It is feeding on electricity from the reactor to grow ever larger. Now it is so powerful that directly attacking the plant is suicide. Hugh must use his wits to drive it away, rather than brute force.

The Kiith Flower is the inspiration for early bosses of Phantasy Star IV, the Igglanova monsters. The Igglanova, fortunately, did not have electric reactors to feed on like the Kiith Flower. If they had, the heroes of Phantasy Star IV would have found those battles much more difficult.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 4, '11, 12:12 am 
Amazing, just amazing!
It's iglanova - the red bulb at the top, the elephant shape nose, the tentacles, everything.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 4, '11, 12:45 am 
Interesting it does look like an Igglanova doesn't it. :yes:

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