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PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, '14, 1:37 pm
to simply put, if I cant do so in one sentence, then I am a horrible liar.
I do not want to write fanfiction or speculative fiction. And here I go breaking the one sentence limit, because I am a horrible liar.

quite simply enough, I intend on probably throughout the next year since I have several projects, but I intend on writing the story of Phantasy Star II. credit will be due to Sega because they are the masterminds behind this epic. And I do not really plan on the elaborating on much either, I really prefer things that are open-ended, or are not clearly answered so that the reader can use their imagination.

it adds the intrigue to the plot. this is not Sesame Street and we cannot spell everything out. has anyone ever thought of such a concept to undertake for any concept or any story.

Of all of the text of all of the video games or books I have ever read, I really do find this to be the most gripping opening lines:

"I am haunted by nightmares every night. A young girl is battling a giant demon. I am
close by but can not move or speak! All I can do is watch while the demon keeps
striking at the girl.
Just as she is fighting for her life, I awake! I awake in my room, dimly lit by the early
dawn. I am filled with an incredible sadness and fear."

it is totally possible to take that and run with it. even if you never heard of this serie at all.

or maybe it is just me.

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