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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, '10, 12:13 am 
This sprite sheet includes many of the various walking positions and battle poses for Shir, as seen in Phantasy Star II. Thanks to Fringer Tsunami for this submission!


You may view the gallery page for Shir Sprites.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, '10, 3:38 am 
Shir: Agaaaaaaaagh~! Why didn't anybody tell me my butt was so big!? >_<
Rolf: It's not that big, really. It's just perspective-
Shir: It's huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! ;_;
Rolf: You know, Shir, you and Amy just share the same sprites, but... Amy's butt is small...
Amy: (no answer)
Shir: WHAT?! You were staring at someone else's butt, Rolf!?
Rolf: Uh-
Shir: (stab stab stab)
Rolf: (Shir's knives are sticking out of the top of his head) I should have been a monk... (passes out)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, '10, 5:33 pm 
Lutz : <see's Rolf approaching with knives sticking out of his head> Rolf! What happened to you?
Rolf : Oh..well you see I said something about Shir's butt and she didn't take it too well
Lutz : <puzzled look> What could you have possibly said? That her butt is big?
Lutz & Rolf : !!!
Shir : (stab stab stab)
Lutz : (Knives now protruding from Lutz's head) I think it's about time I put myself in stasis....I have a splitting headache
Rolf : I know the feeling >_<

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