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PostPosted: Wed Jan 8, '14, 10:21 pm 
Yes I understand it better ! I know that it is why Nei is levelling up so fast ! And why there is no equippable items for her later in the game...:( It's so sad about it...
Poor Nei !
yes, being a part of the original entity splitting in two, thay can't live if one of her dies...

"Then again, you are talking to someone who bothered to level up Alis, Myau and Odin enough to defeat the Saccubus in PS1." : Ah ! What a try ! I've never tried this but I think that I have seen a video about it and there is nothing more after that, unfortunately... :(

PostPosted: Thu Jan 9, '14, 2:33 pm 
You get like 10 xp or so for defeating the Saccubus :P Not worth the effort it took (levelling them up quite a few levels above the "normal" level you normally have when going there and buying the best equipment with exception to the Diamond Armour that you can buy in the starting area around Camineet/Parolit/Gothic/Scion. Alis was level 15, rest 13. In Hordes of Nei it's really worth the pain though (and there I even went as far as buying Diamonds I think).

PostPosted: Thu Jan 9, '14, 4:55 pm 
A little food for thought btw: the LP mentioned why the Clone Lab resurrects people for free after the Neifirst fight. It's probably a game mechanic to ensure ROLF is alive to meet the governor. After all, everything is scripted. Otherwise it would be possible to go the governor with ROLF dead (either because the script doesn't take into account the dead ROLF or because it's not scripted and the player proceeds without resurrecting ROLF).

Now people ,ay wonder why the Clone Labs on Dezoris are also staffed by the grandma and not Dezorians. I also think this is a gameplay mechanic. Suppose the character with the Mogic and Magic cap dies. You wouldn't be able to resurrect at all on Dezoris! Your only hope would be fighting your way back to spaceport and head back to Motavia. I was confronted with this thought because ROLF just died in Naval (and only later did I find out I already looted the entire dungeon *sigh*) and wondered what the bloody hell I was supposed to do. I could escapipe and telepipe, but then what. Then I remembered the Clone Labs people on Dezoris speak English, not Dezorian.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 9, '14, 9:31 pm 
10 Exp points for defeating the Saccubus ? It's Worth the effort ! :lol: Ho it can be seen as a personnal challenge and you then must be so proud after it !
Level 15 for Alisa ? 13 for the 3 others ? Must not be very easy as the monsters aren't giving too much exp points at this... point of the game ! ;)
Yes you need to have all the best Equipment ! Diamond Armor ? Sure to be hard to obtain at this point or level, unfortunately... :(

About Diamonds..sorry but I can't understand what you are saying ? Can you explain it please ? (sorry ! sometimes it's harder to understand things writing in English ! Shame on me.. :( lol) ;)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 9, '14, 11:27 pm 
I meant that in Hordes of Nei defeating the Saccubus is worth it as it drops a valuable item. In the regular PSI it's just 10 bucks ;)

When I played HoN I grinded to buy two Diamond Armous BEFORE I went to see the Saccubus. In HoN it's not that big of a grind as I recall I also did that in the regular PSI game I'm playing on my Wii. Trust me, it took me a long time fighting Were Bats in Eppi Forest before I could buy those. And the 10 XP reward is lousy, but it was satisfactory to do so. Also all three characters were very tough and Motavia became a cake walk. Of course now Noah lags behind in levels majorly.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, '14, 11:29 am 
Ah I didn't know that, in HON, the Saccubus was droping a valuable item ! What is it ? Maybe one day I'll find after continuing this Hordes of Nei patch ! :)

Were Bats in Eppi Forest ? ah yes ! They are giving a lot of Mesetas :) Two diamond armors? ouch ! Must have been very long...and seeing after only 10 mesetas.. but the great satisfaction ! And yes, Noah trailing before with his low levels ! ;)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, '14, 10:22 pm 
He drops a Nei thingie. I can't remember what on the top of my hat though. I think it's the second (well actually the first) Nei Armour. You'll find another one when you defeat the Gold Dragon. It's actually the Nei Shield. That means either Alis or Odin gets end-game armour before going of to find Noah. you get an end-game shield before going to see Noah.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, '14, 10:54 pm 
A Nei Thingie ? Interesting ! Everything that can make more easy this HON is well to take :) Nei Shield is important to help building a better defense.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 1, '14, 9:46 pm 
I haven't played Hordes of Nei, but is Dezolis exactly like it was in the original? Curious.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 1, '14, 11:07 pm 
HUKOS : As there is a lot of changes in the game, and as I haven't gone very far in it, I don't really know ! try to ask Fogeltje or wait for him to reply !
Try to see this link in waiting but no trace of Dezoris in it so...

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