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PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, '13, 6:53 am 
Prior to reading this LP I did not know of "narrative" style LP's. Basically, it's almost like a long fan fiction. It is mainly told from the point of view of Rolf, though each character has one part they narrate.

It's on l p archive dot org slash Phantasy-Star-2 and it's by Thuryl.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, '13, 6:58 pm 
The entire core series is on the LP Archive. PSI and II's Let's Plays ("Let's Play Phantasy Star!" and "I'm Sorry, Rolf, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That: Let's Play Phantasy Star II") were done by Thuryl and are quite serious in tone.

Phantasy Star IV was attempted by Something Awful about five times, each one halting at various places (The Air Castle, computer crashing) before Meteor9 did it with "Fifth time's the charm! Let's actually finish Phantasy Star IV!"

As for Phantasy Star III... well, there was an initial attempt by PaletteSwappedNinja called "Four endings, zero closure - Let's play Phantasy Star III" that died very quickly in 2008- he covered up to Maia's abduction and the Escapipe Glitch. (Don't bother looking it up. All of the photos have long been deleted.)

Thuryl covered PSIII years later in a LP called "[Screw] it, let's get Phantasy Star III over with already." that covers the game through all four endings, and he did the game's sparse dialogue humorously, just like Meteor9's PSIV Let's Play.

All four LPs are highly recommended. =D

PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, '13, 9:35 pm 
It's funny because I've just discovered this site, about LP...less than one week ago ! I've never heard about it before and I can't remember how I was "landing" on this site but..I've taken alook at all those PS LP and they seems to be so great ! I must read them carefully later :)
And SNORB : Thank you very much for the explanations ! That is very interesting.
They are highly recommended by you so..I'll read them for sure ! :clap:

PostPosted: Thu Jan 2, '14, 11:06 pm 
While looking through it I found the bonus section with Nei. I know about the scene you get when Nei survives (I never could be bothered to steal Moon Dew, I just levelled Nei to lvl 50 and kicked the cr*p out of that *). The bonus shows something interesting. If you return with Nei to the clone labs, anyone else is resurrected for free. The writer states this was probably done so Rolf is alive for the meeting with the governor.

But what happens if you encounter Neifirst with everyone but Nei dead in your party and killing Neifirst? Or revive Nei with Moon Dew and have everyone killed off besides Nei in the second battle. Anyone ever tried that?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 2, '14, 11:21 pm 
Never mind, I just tried it out myself. You walk around with a ghost party :D And Nei calls out to herself even though she's dead already.
See screenshots here:

PostPosted: Fri Jan 3, '14, 6:49 pm 
Shir's Ghost: You maniacs!! You blew it up!!
Rolf's Ghost: Who's "you?" You stabbed Neifirst in the head!
Shir's Ghost: Well, Amy kinda bopped her with those freezing staffs of hers!
Amy's Ghost: I was trying to save Nei!
Rolf's Ghost: So... yeah. The three of us are dead.
Shir's Ghost: Waaaaaaaaaah! I'm too rich to die! ;_;
Amy's Ghost: So this is what it's like before I manifest Rever or Regen.
Rolf's Ghost: (tries the door to his house. It is locked) I guess so? I've never been dead before.
Shir's Ghost: Let's go haunt Hugh! XD
Amy's Ghost: Shir, he dies enough as it is. I think that's torment enough.
Rolf's Ghost: Besides, when he finally dies for good, he can rest knowing that the last fifty clones of his got sent to Roron because the graveyard finally got sick and tired of accepting the clones' corpses.
Hugh's Ghost: (floats out of Rolf's house) What?! D:
Shir's Ghost: Oh, heya, Hugh! Yeah, we were just talking about how you died so many times since we met you that you're gonna be spending your eternal rest at the bottom of the landfill! XD
Amy's Ghost: Or in Alisa Landale's sword. It sounds like it makes a paradise for you! ^_^
Rolf's Ghost: So what happened to you?
Hugh's Ghost: Kain overclocked your blender. I was trying to make mixed drinks for myself, Anna, and Kain... what happened to you? Where's Nei?
Nei's Ghost: My jerky-jerk sister from Hell-- who is a TOTAL! JERK!!-- killed me. And then she killed Rolf.
Amy's Ghost: And I was too slow getting out of Climatrol when it exploded.
Shir's Ghost: I got out just fine!!
Rolf's Ghost: Then some Motavian on a go kart ran you over.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 3, '14, 11:10 pm 
FOGELTJE : Happy return again ! And happy New Year ! :)
Your different "theories" about Nei and Neifirst are cool ! I've never known that it could be able to revive Nei with a Moon Dew ! (I didn't even know that it could be possible to have a Moon Dew in PSII ! :lol: ) : still have a lot to know about my favourite serie of all times and that is great !! :clap:
Thanks for trying this ! Nei calling out for herself ? That is fun but very strange indeed !

PostPosted: Sat Jan 4, '14, 11:05 am 
When they call out Nei, the game takes Rolf's name or else I think the next party member that is alive. Since everyone but Nei was dead that was Nei herself, hehe. I think Moon Dew and Star Mist are sold on Dezoris. Shir can steel Moon Dew in the general stores. So there's ways for Nei to "survive" the initial battle with Neifirst before dying: resurrecting her in the main fight with Moon Dew or defeating Neifirst on her own. I've never tried reviving her since I only use Shir to steal the Visiphone.

@snorb: LOL! I do wonder what happened to Kain and Anna though ;)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 4, '14, 2:24 pm 
Thanks ! I understand better now ! :) But There is still something thaat continues to bother me ! Like it is said : "Rolf, there's no hope for me. If Neifirst is dead, I must die, too."
So...even if you are level 50 or more for Nei and you kill Neifirst .. normally Nei must die too ?? Isn't it the case ? I must go now but we'll discuss about it later ! :) (maybe all I'm telling is total crap lol :lol: )

PostPosted: Wed Jan 8, '14, 10:53 am 
According to the story, Nei is somehow part of Neifirst (having been "sprung off her"). So if Neifirst die, Nei, the part, cannot live. It's really sad they didn't came up with a more logical explanation but I think they only put it in, just in case someone actually managed to kill Neifirst with Nei, something they probably thought improbable. Then again, you are talking to someone who bothered to level up Alis, Myau and Odin enough to defeat the Saccubus in PS1.

So yes, Nei always dies, that's why she levels so fast in comparison to others and has rather limited equipment.

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