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PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, '19, 10:43 pm 
So, coming off of looking at the Phantasy Star III General Improvement Hack, I've decided to go in on Fauntleroy's other gameplay hack for the franchise, the Phantasy Star II Modernization hack.

Unlike many of Fauntleroy's other hacks, it doesn't really aim to rewrite the script, it just aims to make the game less clunky while still being Phantasy Star II, so it doesn't really redo the script, apart from fixing up the numerous bugs- Phantasy Star III needed the help more, as that game's script is shockingly sparse.

What Fauntleroy does do, however, is modify pretty much every other aspect of the game within what's practical to do so.

-Increased monster rewards, like Numan Revolution.
-Rearranged an reorganized shops, while also trimming rarely-used weapons from the list and replacing them with other items.
-Rebalanced weapon stats along with a bunch of new equipment. Also, there is now body armor for Nei that's better than the Fibervest.
-Actually using all ten characters of space available for enemy names.
-Revised tech progression and tech selection to beef up lesser-used or weaker characters. Rolf, as usual, will have all of his techs by Level 35, but everyone who joins after Nei will have all of their techs by level 25 so it takes less time to bring newer characters up to speed.
-Adds in an enemy that was dummied out. It's from the Van/Aerotank line, so watch out.
-Revised character stats to increase the strength of weaker characters- several characters get more TP so they can make better use of their increased tech selection.
-All characters who join still join at level 1, but come with gear that's state of the art for the point in the game where they join you (i.e. Amy will have the best armor that's available in Oputa as well as one of the guns sold there).
-Shinb actually works now.

So, let's see how this works out.

(done by BG87)

Start to Biosystems lab.

-And away we go! Knives and melee in general do seem to have been buffed a bit, and Rolf doesn't start with Res, just Foi. Well, I'm sure that this'll be a fun, heartwarming adventure that ends well for everybody.

-Rudo shows up with a Fibercoat and shotgun- you have no idea how much time this kinds of change saves, even with the increased rewards.

-The technique learning order has definitely changed- the first new techs that Rolf learns are Hinas and Ryuka.

-On that note, Nei learns a whole raft of new techs- not only does she learn Anti much earlier, I hadn't even gotten out of Shure and she learned Ner and Deban- This means she's probably going to have something close to Rika's tech set from PSIV.

-Chest rewards have definitely been fiddled with- chests that gave money now give a whole lot more money. A box that contained 60 Meseta in vanilla now contains 250.

-Either I got incredibly lucky, or Blasters have been removed from the Nido encounter table.

-Dr. Sage, I'm sure your detailed medical knowledge will be of great use to us. Now, here's your guns, we're gonna dynamite a lab. Oputa now sells the Poison Shot by the way, so Amy can go into Biosystem labs better armed.

-And, Blasters are now in the Biosystems lab basement. Not as terrible, though, as Amy learns Sar much earlier than before, as well as SaShu.

-Rolf hasn't learned GiFoi or Githu yet. I guess Fauntleroy thought it was a bit much for Rolf to be one of the best physical attackers and one of the best attack casters.

-And Nei just learned Shift. Something tells me that winning the solo battle against Neifirst might be just a bit more viable this time around...

PostPosted: Sat Sep 7, '19, 12:47 pm 
Ah I know this Hack ! This one I've downloaded and tried it some months ago (or maybe more thgan one year !) and I advanced through it but I haven't played it for a long time now ! But as far as I can remember, it was great !

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