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PostPosted: Sun Feb 7, '10, 12:10 am 
Phantasy Star III takes an unusual approach to the RPG convention of using vehicles for late game travel. Usually the adventurers find some kind of craft - a ship, plane, or whatever - that they use to reach new areas. In this case, they find parts of vehicles. Wren, the cyborg party member, then uses these parts to transform himself into the vehicles. This looping animation displays Wren's transformations to and from a water craft.


You may view the gallery page for Wren Boat transformation.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 7, '10, 5:58 am 
Mieu: (reading technical plans for the Aqua Parts) "Lastly, insert the hydro-doohickey gizmo into the drive machinery. Conglaturation!!! Your SEAREN-386 TYPE is now ready for aquatic adventures!" ...My Prince, what's a hydro-doohickey?
Crys: Wow, those are some real technical terms those instructions had. "Doohickey" and "gizmo" indeed. (fiddles with some of Wren's internal mechanisms)
Kara: Hey, I didn't write them, I'm not vouching for their accuracy.
Mieu: Hey, Wren, are you Optimus Prime yet?
Wren: I apologize, Mieu, but I am not Optimus Prime yet. Nor am I, to quell any further postulated inquiries, Megatron, the Terminator, a Gundam, Jaguar, EVA-01, the New Age Power Suit, Megazord, or "that awesome power armor from Code Geass."
Mieu: Oh, *. =(
Crys: (closes Wren up) There we go. Wren, transform and roll out!
Mieu: He needs awesome music as he transforms. Something with a guitar riff, like... oh! I have it, My Prince! ^_^ (starts singing Wren's transformation music)
Kara: (joins in)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 2, '19, 8:48 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Wow, an amazing image of the transformation of Wren!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 3, '19, 12:32 pm 
This picture (and the other one) of the transformation/Morphing is a great one ! :)

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