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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 2:02 am 
"Wait young master, can you feel that?" Luna spoke to Trey. He began slowing down his pace, Rose ran past him. "Someone's life is about to end." Gaia spoke. Trey turned, looking back at the town he had just exited. He to could feel the presence of life about to fade away. He turned to Rose, handing her the girl. "Take her and get to the next town, I'll meet up with you later." Trey said, nodding his head he ran back towards Aiedo quickly.

"Which way was it?" Trey said as he ran passed panicked townspeople. "Go left young master." Luna said. After that Trey quickly cut a corner, jumping over large debree. He looked up head, he noticed the sandworm had become lifeless. The sounds of battle were over, but his mind was not at ease. For he knew something awful had happened to his comrades. He approached the battle site, noticing the unfamilliar man that had helped them unconcious. He walked towards him, only to notice Shina's body pierced by some large spike.

"Shina!" Trey yelled out as he ran towards his comrade. Trying desperately he pulled her body up, the spike going through her. "It's going to be ok." He said as he laid Shina down on the ground, casting a small Gires technique on her. Her wound had begun to heal nicely, but it would only stop the internal bleeding and seal the hole. The pain would continue for awhile. Trey began feeling fatigued. He knew his TP was almost depleted, leaving him unable to cast techs.

"Only got enough for one more Gires." He said. He looked around for Ryn, but the motavian was nowhere in sight. "Trey, do you hear that. Its faint but its coming from the sandworm." Gaia mentioned. Trey looked at the side of the sandworm, noticing a large impression in the side of it. "Young master! Hurry! Whoevers in there is running out of air!" Luna said. Trey quickly ran towards the sandworm, unsheathing Luna and Gaia he approached the beast, slashing it with them as if they were knives.

"Hurry!" The two slashers yelled. "Hold on! I'm coming for you!" Trey yelled out, continuing to slash the beast repetedly. After many successful swipes the beast finally opened, spewing out its inner goo and along with it the motavian, huddled up trying desperatly to get some air. "Ryn!" Trey yelled out, catching the motavian. He moved quickly, heading back towards Shina he placed the motavian down, casting Gires on him, hoping it would help recover his wounds and breathing.

"There, everything seems to be ok now. But what about that guy over there?" Trey said. He stood up, sticking his hand in the little pouch he had attached to his waist. "Hmm, I guess this must be one of those things people use to heal wounds." He said, pulling a Dimate out of the pouch. He approached the man, squeezing the dimate over the wound on the mans arm healing him slightly. "Ok, now lets see." Trey said as he flipped the man over checking him for extra wounds.

Trey's eyes widened when he saw the face of the man. "Huh! Why does this guy seem familiar?" Trey said. He grabbed his head as he stepped back slowly, trying to figure out how he knew this man, but nothing came to mind.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 3:06 pm 
Sane grunted as he felt the Dimate work its magic on his arm. He wanted so desperately to open his eyes to see who saved him, but he couldn't. They were just too heavy. He still needed to go somewhere. To that one spot where he his his most valuable treasure. If he could get there then most of his answers would be answered except one. Was that really him? Sane pondered in his slumber.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 8:59 pm 
Ryn gasped, taking in a desperate, much needed breath of air.
The motavian lay still for a moment, enjoying the fresh air that filled his two remaining lungs. Never again would he take for granted the air that sustained him.

He rose to his feet, dusting the sand from his sticky, matted fur. Luckily, his eyelids had protected his sight. But the same could not be said for the motavians thick fur. Not only did he now smell like an oversized wet dog, but his fur weighed considerably more than it did in its dry state.
It's going to be weeks before the smell goes away... Ryn thought to himself.
The motavian eyed the cut section of sandworm hide, his thourght grinding like gears in a well oiled machine.
He took a brief estimant of the Sandworms mass, guessing it to be around three hundred meters long and about ten meters wide.
That was a lot of unharvested sandworm hide that could be boiled and swatched into fine leather armor and then sold for a reasonable amount of money. At five hundred meseta per cloth-mail, he was peering at around sixteen to twenty two thousand meseta.
The motavian licked his lips at the prospect, only to have his taste buds register a foul tasting liquid.
Ryn spat feverishly into the sand, trying his hardest to rid his mouth of the vile substance.

A few moments had past before Ryn began to hack away at the sandworms hide.
He had cut around four meters worth of hide when he remembered the sounds of crashing pottery and crumbling stone he heard while charging for the creature.
Was everyone still in one peice?
Ryn glanced over his shoulder in mid-swing, hacking the final length of hide from the twenty meter strip of hide.
Where was Shina?
Where was Rose?

Come to think of it, the only people accounted for were Trey and the stranger.

Ryn wedged his axe into the carcus and reclaimed his mantle and weapons belt.
Equipping the heavy clothing, the man returned to carcus, cutting another length of hide.
He had a lot of material to harvest before the day got young and some of the more dangerous night creatures crawled from thier homes to gather food.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 4, '07, 4:48 am 
"'Take her and get to the next town,' he says!"

Rose shouldered the unconscious woman's weight as best as she could as she advanced through the desert of Motavia. Grunting as she shifted the woman, she mumbled, "I haven't been to Motavia in three years- I don't think I know where the next town is! ...Let's see. We went to Aiedo, so..."

Rose knelt down, resting the woman on her leg as she drew a small square in the sand, then added "AIEDO" next to it with her finger. "...Mountains there, there, and there... nice patch of green there... that's right. Nalya. I've been there before. Not much, but... Ryuka!"

Once again, Rose felt the familiar sense of disembodiment and whiteout, then reappeared in a crossroads in Nalya, the woman still in her arms. She glanced around, trying to find a familiar sign- a bed, an urn, even the simple word "INN." After about a minute of wandering, she found it- Nalya's only inn, a respite for travellers who came to the small village.

And a place where she can rest and get some decent care, Rose thought, remembering that herbalists and healers- basically anybody who could manifest Res- often worked at Motavian inns. Stepping into the lobby, Rose approached the desk, then told the clerk, "She needs a room! A building fell on her!"

"Say wha-?" The man behind the desk took one look at the woman, then at Rose, then again the woman. He remained silent for a few seconds.

"Did I stutter!? Today!"

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 4, '07, 6:16 am 
Shina twitched. Something was wrong here. She was not at home, not in her warm bed, with her mother calling soothingly to her for a breakfast before training meal. No, something was hurting her. Why? The ship hadn't had a wreck had it? She tried to look around smelling dirt in the air. Something must have happened on the....blasting her eyes open. Motavia? What am I....she thought back and looked at a nice large hole straight through her black outfit, exposing her belly. Oh, right...the sandworm spiked me...HOLD ON!! "I'm alive!?! Thank Algo, I haven't been lost." She sighed heavily noticing the dead worm on the ground. Ryn was chopping away like a happy-go-lucky child with a new toy meant for destroying, save for his giant axe he was using to do it with. Only a couple of the other fighters were left, one seemingly unharmed and the other sleeping beside him. Both the other girls were gone, probably to somewhere safe. She let out another big sigh, and laid down, watching the clouds go by. She thought for a moment before realizing, she had found another clue! Her previous dream was already hard to remember, but she recalled a ship, and training, for something...Shina close her eyes again. It had to be a memory, something to keep me going...

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 4, '07, 11:25 pm 
Ryn wiped his sweaty brow clean of the gore that hung over his line of vision. With an exausted swing of his axe, he stripped the last bit of hide from the sandworm who was now void of skin.
Now comes the hard part, ryn thought to himself. Getting this some two hundred kilograms of skin to his home in Nayla.
This trip to Nayla was a short one, but with this much sandworm hide... it would take at least five hours to transport it all by hand.

Ryn unkowingly retrived a telepipe from his mantle and pressed his lips against the read.
"Home is at least a ten minut..." Before Ryn could finish his sentance, he was teleported to Nayla with sandworm hide in tow.

The motavians optics quickly shifted from side to side as he slowly realized what he had just done.
Well, that takes care of that delima, he thought to himself.

He removed his mantle and gove it a hard toss toward his front yard.
Now comes the fun part.. Boiling two hundred kilograms of sandworm hide into hard leather.
The first step was to find a vat. The only place that Ryn remembered having possesion of a vat was the Inn. If he traded a kilogram of sandworm hide to the Innkeeper, he would probobly be willing to lend the vat to the motavian.

After changing into a loose green cotton shirt and traditional motavian sandworm kilt, Ryn made the short walk for the Inn, hoisting an armfull of raw sandworm hide.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 12:35 am 
"I guess its just me and you for now Shina." Trey said as he helped her to her feet. Seeing as how Ryn had decided to warp away to wherever it was he went. "So, where should we head to?" He asked, since he could not remember many of the towns that inhabited Motavia. It could be seen that Shina was still in pain, and Trey would not be able to carry Shina and their unnamed ally with them. "Guess we'll just leave him here for now." Trey said as he propped Shina's arm around him, helping walk her through the streets. "You sure its ok young master? To leave him there like that?" Luna asked Trey. "I guess so, hopfully he'll be alright." he replied, all the time it seemed as if he was talking to himself.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 2:57 am 
The next half hour was, to use Rose's words, "...INteresting." as the innkeeper booked a room for the woman. The red-haired Hunter noticed it took a lot longer than usual to get the room readied.

Then a watchman showed up, asking about the lady. The questions began.

And with questions, came answers: "No, sir, I didn't try to rob her! A building fell on her!" "A building. In Aiedo." "What do you mean, where'd I get all this money?! I tell you, I'm a Hunter!" "Well, I don't see why that's any of your business, sir!" "....Yes! A Motavian named Ryn, a Numan named Shina, and a Palman named Trey! They're in Aiedo, too!" "'Consistent with knife injuries?!' They're bruises, not cuts! Do they hand out town guard hats in boxes of cereal these days!?"

Finally, after arguing back and forth between Rose and the guards, they decided that she wasn't responsible for the woman's injuries, and let her go. Grumbling, Rose adjusted her knives on her belt.

Stupid guards, she thought, stepping back out into the dirt path that was Nalya's main road. At least they didn't take any of my stuff. I should probably get back to Aiedo now- the others probably want to know where I went.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 5:50 am 
Coughing, Sane finally woke up. How long have I been out? Sane pondered. He looked around to find he had been deserted. The worm had been completely stripped of it's skin and was now being feasted upon by creatures. Sane sighed, Damn, I must have missed alot.

He sighed again. Standing up he clenched his arm. Where is the hole?. Sane felt his arm up and down. He studied his surroundings. Aiedo Square and noone around. It was an unusual site. Wait! Trey! Could that have been him? And the spot, is it there? I must go see. It is the only way to find out. The only way.

With that, Sane grabbed his sword and ran towards the graveyard.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 6:34 pm 
Shina slowly recovered thanks to the long term effects of the dimate she was given, however she was able to rejuvenate and thought it would be a good idea to help Ryn out with his business, since the hide of the sandworm was completely gone, and the remains swiped clean from pests who feasted on its defeat. He most likely went back to his house in Nayla. But first, she thought looking at the giant hole in her shirt exposing her belly in front and back, it'd be a good idea to get some new clothes, preferrably something a bit more suiting for a now battle type situation, I can fix this at home. She stood on her own now, and using the money split from her first mission, she bought herself a casual outfit consisting of black sandworm leather pants that fit loosely around her ankles and tight only at the waistline. Plus a smooth white cotton long sleeve shirt that covered the brown belt. She let her hair fall to her back, and her ears free of disturbance. The entire outfit cost her 1000 meseta. She then thanked Trey for helping her out and said it would be fine if he wanted to make sure the last person was alright, and teleported to Nayla.

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