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PostPosted: Sat Dec 1, '07, 7:10 am 
The motavian regained his composure after feeling his bones rattle as result of the minor earthquake. Hurricanes, he would stand. Tornadoes, they were of no concern. But Earthquakes... earthquakes left a person with no control over their placement. There was nothing more frightening to Ryn than not being able to control his footing.
Ryn dislodged his axe from the carcus of the fallen monsterfly, his firey red optics dead centered on the partys newest concern.
Sandworms were nothing new. Tonoe and Molcom had guards trained specificly for extermenaiting the large pests. Plod, a Tonoe guard, had once shown Ryn where to strike a sandworm to quickly fell it. But Ryn had long since forgotten Plods instructions.
Thats when Ryn caught sight of Trey digging beneath a freshly fallen structure, followed by Rose. God only knew what it was they were searching for, but was it really more important than getting digested by a sandworm?
"Damnit you two!" Ryn cried out as he unbuckled his weapon belt.
The heavy chain belt fell to the sand with a thud. Weighing at least twelve kilograms, the belt normaly reduced his speed in battle. In this scenerio, no weapon but his Axe was powerful enough to cause any serious harm to the new foe. Hunting knives would only agitate the beast, and the collapsable longbow would do no damage to the sandowrms thick hide.
Following the belt, was Ryns mantle. The silver trimmed mantle was nice for resisting techniques, but other than that, it acted as a sail does on a sea faring vessel.
Ryn now stood twenty meters from the beast, wearing only his Cyber-Suit and titanium platelegs. Though the sleeveless Cyber-suit didn't offer much protection, it always seemed to energize him in the heat of battle. The platelegs on the other hand, offered generous protection, but were a whopping thirteen kilograms.
As he unequipped the excess armament, he witnessed Sane cast a pale blue light at the Sandworm. The beast in turn flailed, clearly hurt.
Now it's my turn. , Ryn whispered to himself. He curled back his beek, baring twin rows of pearly white canines as he sped at his target, gripping his axe in both hands, hoisting it over his left shoulder in preparation to strike.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 2, '07, 4:26 am 
The sandworm shook its head. Sane had hit the beast in the mouth. It shook its head violently as if to shake off the pain. Sane realized the fact that if the sandworm kept it's mouth open, and moved in the right postion, He could be swallowed whole, though he wouldn't turn out that way do to the many teeth of the beast. Sane closed his eyes and cleared his mind.

Without thinking, Sane opened his eyes and sliced his sword through the air, he yelled with a voice that seemed to seek the blood of his enemy. "AIRSLASH!" This time his attack seemed to be more smooth. It flew through the air with an incredible speed. Sane closed his eyes again, searching himself. Under his breath he said, "I am Sane Terrace, Ying-Yang warrior, neither good nor bad. Master Thief." He opened his eyes, "If only my comrades were here or Anora, the spirit who has followed me for two years. Or even Sauna, my mind, conscious, soul." Sane closed his eyes once more, falling closer to his enemy. He felt a pain in his left arm. His arm was in the beast.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 2, '07, 5:19 am 
o O ( Trenz, I need you to make you sentances a little more fluid. They're hard to read, and it subtracts from your characters actions. I'm not picking on you, I'm just trying to help. Study Snorbs posts. Try to mimic his method. )

Ryn had successfuly struck the creatures side, but before the motavian could congratulate himself, his stomach was slammed by the creatures broad body, hurling him onto his back.
Normaly, such a blow wouldn't have been nearly this painful, but he had switched his titanium platemail for a much thinner, less protective, Cyber-suit.
Several of his ribs had clearly been broken. As breathing become harder on him, he realized that his broken ribs may have pierced one of his three lungs.
That, or he was still recovering from the devistating blow to his chest. Either way, he was determained to return the creatures attack.

Ryn pushed the pain aside. Some things were just more important that shortness of breath.
The Motavian chambered his arm, attracting dense layers of gravity to his fingertips and gatheriing them into his palm. Such was the first step to the his grandfathers signiture technique, "Eradicate".
Ryn dropped his axe for the time being, the head of the weapon lodging into the sand, handle up.

Within a matter of seconds the spell was charged.
The motavians beak curved at either end, twisting into a smile.
"CATCH!", Ryn cried out just as he shot his fist forward as if he were punching the air. A broad surge of pale green light hurried from Ryns fist. The air around the powerful flood of supercharged gravity could be heard crackling as the blast it sped toward its target.

Upon impact, the eradication blast tore a large opening in the sandwords thick hide, giving the party the target they needed.
The sandworm flailed violantly, clearly aggrivated at the gaping crack in it's "armor".
"Now die for me, baby.", Ryn spat as he dropped to one knee and swooped his axe into his left hand.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 2, '07, 5:46 am 
Chunks of masonry went to her side as Rose moved them aside, desperate to help Trey with his rescue. He heard Ryn shout "Dammit, you two!" but she pushed it out of her mind- she knew Ryn, Shina, and the swordsman were doing some damage to the sandworm, as its pained screeches could attest.

Come on, come on, she urged, pushing aside another piece of stone, this one about as big as her torso. You've gotta be under here somewhere!

With another stone moved, Rose revealed a woman's hand, cut, scraped, brusied, and bloodied. "!? Hey... hey!" Rose called, motioning towards the exposed hand. "Trey, I found her! She's over here! ...Ma'am?! Ma'am! If you can hear me, if you're still alive, squeeze my hand!"

Gently, almost faintly, the red-haired woman felt pressure against her hand as the woman complied. Good! She's still alive! ...We've gotta get the rest of this rubble off her, first, she then realized. I don't know if she can breathe with all that weight pressing on her chest...

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 2, '07, 6:06 am 
Trey rushed over, trying desperately to lift the rubble from off the woman. "It's no use. It's to heavy for us to lift." Trey said as he continued trying to lift it. Rose continued to talk with the woman, trying to keep her calm. "I.. I don't know what to do." Trey said, using more of his strength, the rubble lifting just a bit. The battle behind them was coming closer with each passing moment, it was only a matter of time before they would be swept into it as well.

"Don't give up." A unfamilliar voice of a man said. Trey looked around, wondering who had talked to him. "We know you can do it young master." A strange womanly voice said to him as well. Trey didn't know where these voices were coming from, but they gave him confidence. He used all his strength, lifting the rubble with all his might. "Hurry! Grab her!" Trey yelled. Rose quickly grabbed ahold of the woman, dragging her out from underneath the rubble. Trey dropped the large stone and moved over to the two girls. Res!" Trey chanted as he began healing the wounds of the girl, trying desperatly to keep her alive.

Her wounds were healing nicely, but the battle was coming closer and closer. He could not risk the life of this girl and his comrade. He quickly healed the girls wounds, and picked her up. "This is good, she's able to breathe again. Alright Rose, we better move. Ryn and Shina can take care of the worm." He said. The two began running away from the battle, instructing all they came across to evacuate Aiedo quickly. "I wonder what those voices were?" Trey thought to himself. He looked down at his slasher he called (Luna) noticing the crystal in the middle of it was shining light blue.

"Keep going young master, you must escape safely." The voice spoke to him again. The voices were coming from his slashers, turning his head he looked at Rose, noticing she hadn't heard the voice. Was Trey the only one who could hear the voices coming from (Luna) and (Gaia)? It seemed so.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 2, '07, 11:42 pm 
The girl was clear, perfect chance to obliterate this foe. She was mad now, it had attacked and besieged them pushing back the hopes of the hunters nearby to destroy it. She took a clear shot some distance away from the worm and focused. Intense power swelled inside her arms as she felt the energy ready to be unleashed. Her eyes shot toward the creature. One arm rose to the air, "NaFoi!" a blazing inferno of heat surrounded the creature, dead on his face and engulfed him in flames dozens of times of the already unbearable Motavia heat, as the first arm fell unpowered the second rose up to implode the creature, now writhing in agony. "NaWat!" barely a second passed as the pillar of orange and red fire showered blue pillars of air so cold they could easily compete with Dezolis at its most violent blizzards. Her arm fell to her claws now held fast to her wrists as the final blast of cold solidified the face and the rest still thrashing wildly. She adjusted her arms again preparing for a finishing blow to its now pathetic face. "Eliminate!" she once again pierced through a deadly foe ready to take it down...but to no avail! The body swirved the head off her course and her needle attack had no effect on the blind raging beast.

She flew just past the face to be lodged into its body and thrown off by the tantrum. The force it had caused her to wreck into a nearby building smashing through even the walls to the back alley, landing at in a pile of junk face first.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 12:45 am 
(Sorry, guess its been my style for awhile. My writing style hasn't exactly matured lots over the past few months. Could have been worse though. So sorry if it is hard to read. Just think of it as a challenge!)

Sane looked at his arm which now bled rapidly. He stared long and hard at it for awhile before realizing the battle was still occuring. He looked at the worm with hate then ran towards it. "I will kill you myself. You can count on that you pitiful creature. I've killed things stronger than you."Sane realized he wasn't in control of his body anymroe. But he didn't care. He attacked his enemy.

He started his attack with a strike, then a slash, then said clearly, "Twelve combo attack, Final Strike." His attack continued, his body glowing with a blue aura, his sword red. His attack finished and he was now on the oppisite side of the creature. The beast looked hurt and ready to collapse.

Sane fell to the ground, he forgot how much that attack can wear his body down. He coughed up blood. "I'm leaving it up to you guys to finish the job." Sane said in a mumble.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 12:58 am 
o O ( well, when you put it that way.. It's hard to argue. =P All the same, try to hone your skills a little more. After all, that's what we all strive for. RPing fine tunes your writing skills like no English class ever could. )

Ryn helplessly watched Shina as she was tossed aside by the enraged beast. Clearly, it was quite aggitated. For some reason the words a wounded animal is twice as dangerous popped into his mind.
It was then that the Sandworm had turned toward Rose and Trey, exposing the large hole in its hide.

If he didnt take this opening, it might not grace him again. Ryn clenched his axes taught leather grips as he charged for the creature, quickly closing the distance between them.
Ryn quickly weighed his options as he ran, going through swift "what-if" scenerios before finaly finding one that met his approval. This won't settle well... Ryn thought to himself as he kicked off the ground, axe locked overhead.
Ryn lept over the short distance between the creature and himself, aiming his feet for the opening in the sandworms armor. Disgusting though it was, Ryn saw no other alternative that would end this fight as quickly as the one he had chosen.

Ryn took a deep breath of what may be his last gasp of air before plummeting into the sandworms soft underskin.
The fleshy gore quickly closed around him as he sank into the worms gooey mass. Knowing full well that breathing would most likely lead to his demise, Ryn quickly tended to the task at hand.

The motavian jabbed his axe forward, slicing through a small mass of gore, spilling out a foul smelling purple goo. Ryn followed this attack with a savage over-the-shoulder swing, felling what looked like a fleshy tube resymboling an intestine.
Apearantly, these actions were not to the creatures liking. Such conclusion was given ground by the creatures ghastly shrieks and wild movements.
Music to my ears...
The motavian charged his fist with a dense lather of gravity, gathering power into the head of his axe. Ryn did his best to hold in a war cry as he released the energy with a preamtive horizintal swing from his axe.
The GiGra spell lashed at the creatures inards, scrambling the placement of several key organs an in turn, halting it's nervous system.

Ryn felt a dull thud echo all around his frame as the creatures lifeless carcus fell to the ground. Normaly this would call for celebration, but the way the creature had fallen caused great concern for Ryn.
His only exit had been sealed by the sandy ground on which the creature had fallen. Ryn franticly clawed and slashed at the creatures thick hide, desperate to refresh his two remaining lungs with fresh air. The motavians efforts gained little headway, as the sandworms hide was just too thick even for Ryns honed axe.
Ryn could feel himself getting lightheaded, his vision blurring as result.
He instinctivly cried out, relseasing a terrible howl of desperation as he dropped his axe and punched at the hide with strength that comes only from the sick desperation of a man on the brink of death.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 1:29 am 
Shina could move, her body had a single twitch before the smoke from her fall cleared. She was now back behind the building set in a place unaccessible to the recent earthquake, she was deaf to the noise outside but the vibrations of the earth had subsided, most likely a fatal blow to the creature. She was feeling light, but couldn't so much as open her eyes. Her mouth was drying on the sickly garbage she had landed on, and she was sure a spike from some mechanism had gone through her stomach, bent into place by a bolder on the other side. Her breath quickened and the pain intensified. Her TP was completely wasted now because of her attack, and her bones couldn't take the pressure of both walls of the building. Using a good breath she desperately wimpered, hoping one of the adventurers could hear her, through the building none the less. She had to have been spotted, otherwise she would have no chance of living past this for another few seconds. Summing up a last effort attempted she cast a pathetic Foi towards the buildings wall only to have the first layer collapse. But this shot blew her arm out, and she lay, breathlessly as she dreampt of nothing, having no past to remember.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 1:55 am 
(RPing fine tunes your writing skills like no English class ever could. QFT. In fact it's the smartest thing I heard for a few months. :D )

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